Rule of law must prevail

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Tue, 11 Jul 2017 Source: Simon Aikins

Ghana has been touted by many as one of the most peaceful countries in the world as a result of the nation's ability to overcome any hurdle placed before her. The 2016 elections really reposed confidence in the world that, truly, Ghana is a peaceful country as a result of power changing hands without any friction.

Some recent ugly happenings in Ghana are pushing people to revise their notes whether Ghana being tagged as peaceful is a fact fallacy.

As the President of the nation, the President has the power to appoint whoever he deems qualified to steer the affairs of the country. But some hoodlums think otherwise and have decided to arrogate to themselves the power to undermine the President's authority by hounding people appointed by the him from office.

Someone may ask where the airheads are drawing their powers from by going contrary to the instructions of the President with impunity. Some have attributed it to unachievable and juicy campaign promises. In the heat of campaigns, Presidential aspirants in their bid to win power promise heaven knowing honestly within them that, such audacious promises can not be realized. These promises sink deep into the ears of party sympathizers or footsoldiers and feel abandoned if such promises are not met.

Also, party activists feel or know they are insulated from prosecution. Some of the perpetrators of these acts know they are untouchable due to their influence in the corridors of power. Due to this, they have the temerity to oppose every instruction if it will adversely affect their ambitions. A case in point is the Delta Force who stormed the court to free their members who had committed an offence and were on trial. They defiled the sanctity of the court in full glare of a sitting judge who wields a lot of power but was powerless in that instance. Is it because the actors had the backing of a hidden hand who is ever ready to shield them from anything untoward?

Another unpleasant incident reared it's ugly head when two youth groups clashed over the appointment of Dr. David Zaawumgu Akoliba as the CEO of Tamale Teaching Hospital. Whereas the Coalition of Dagbon youth were happy with the appointment, the Kandahar Boys opposed the appointment. One may ask why these two groups have to concern themselves with the appointment of a CEO. Is it for financial gains or sheer exposure of bravado?

It is also important to note that many faithfuls invest heavily in political campaigns with the intention of reaping benefits in the form of contracts, appointments, and freebies. They become so powerful that authorities that are empowered to make sure the rule of law prevail bow to them for the fear that, such people will not finance campaigns in the next election.

It saddens my heart when I see the youth fighting over places of convenience, toll booths just to survive. Who caused all these? Our politicians!

The President must understand that he is the only one Ghanaians voted for. He must make sure our laws bite irrespective of the individual involved. We cannot live in a lawless state. He must empower whoever is in charge of meting out punishment to these vandals to do so without entertaining any fears of being dismissed or reshuffled.

Voters must understand and also read in between the lines that, politicians will always take them for granted with their nicely packaged promises. They will avoid them when they have power. Hence, the need to query the intentions and promises of the politicians when approached for their votes. They must also try hard to manage their expectations. The President can not do everything he promised in the short period. He needs time to achieve whatever he promised. They may be setbacks, but with time, he will come good. They can equally vote him out they are not satisfied with his performance. Four years is just around the corner to show politicians their true size.

The public must also act or speak against the rise of vigilante groups who do nothing but to derail sometimes the good intentions of the President. The formation of such groups must be exterminated because they serve no good. They take advantage of the system and wreck havoc on citizens. The citizens must make they breath heavily down the neck of the President to ensure that the rule of law prevails.

Finally, let all hands be on deck in supporting the President to succeed. If he does succeed, it is a victory for the nation. His failure will leave the country in a decadent state. Ghana is the only country we have. Let's protect it with all our might, work hard and pray for a great turn around in our attitudes in order for the country to excel.

Columnist: Simon Aikins