Black and white Africa

Fri, 8 Sep 2017 Source: Hassan Suhiyini

I was told by my grandfather that the Pride of African dignity is our culture and our unique African culture is our real identity.

This he said was as narrated to him by his fathers.

Africa, the land of my birth.

The land that possesses my placenta.

I am proud to be an African.

Black men are physically powerful and brave.

Naa Gbewaa fought and defended the Dagbon Kingdom.

Yaa Asantewaa wrestled for our Ashanti kingdom.

Nelson Mandela, a great legend and the most recognizable face in the world brought freedom to South African.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah predicted the African union long before it became a reality and he brought justice to mother Ghana.

His footprints are still in a blueprint for us to follow.

Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe. A fearless pan-African of recent times who is fighting for the land which belongs to his ancestors.

Martin Luther King, an African-American religious and political leader who changed the course of life for all Africa-Americans. His speech in 1968 ‘I have a dream’ his forever a classic.

Kofi Anan Africa's greatest diplomat of all time brought peace to the whole world.

You see!!!

What else do we need as Africans?

Let’s be strong and stand for Africa.

Africa, we need peace. We must show hate to wars which are our supreme enemy.

Yesterday I was an African.

Today, I am totally missing in the womb of this almost unrecognizable jungle.

My root is weakened.

The soil doesn’t hold me anymore.

My identity is missing and my dignity is lost.


Mother Africa, lend me a mirror to find the true African.

Why do we disband our nutritious food: “Tuubaani”, “Gorah”, “Wasa-wasa” and our rich flourishing spices?

My greatest worry is how we will be able to describe our palatable “Tuozafii” to the next decade African generation?

We have lipped to see the white man’s servings such as fried rice and pizza as the delicacies of today.

The rising sum of anti-Africanism is alarming and one can describe it as hanging on the head of each and every rational African like a sword of Damocles.

I wouldn’t be surprised but will defiantly be shocked if soon our proud African festivals be changed to Halloween festivals.


Before I lose my rich Smock and Kente cloth, let me dance my favorite ‘Takai’, ‘Baamaaya’ and ‘Agbadza’ which is found in Ghana and in Africa.

As my grandfather will say; blood is thicker than water.


Let’s take our ‘Sankofa’ symbol into action and together let’s bring back our Africa.

Columnist: Hassan Suhiyini