Opinions Fri, 6 Jun 2014

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Sack NCA CEO:Sanction Vodafone

Fellow Ghanaians our inefficient and toothless National Communication Authority eventually has sold our birth right to the Telecos. The Alliance for Accountable Governance seeks accountable and responsible behavior from all levels of governance in the interest of the Ghanaian.

Although the NCA is mandated by law to additionally protect telecom consumers in Ghana, this God given responsibilty by the NCA has heavily been compromised. AFAG however, on behalf of the good people of Ghana will keep an eagle eye on services provision in the telecom sector.

Telecommunication services over the years have been accepted and proven essential to the Ghanaian. Be it as it may, consumers are always left to their faith amidst poor services, and a high cost of billing. Certainly, Ghanaians dont have any value for money not to talk of who protect or monitor pricing of telecom services.

Over and over again, we will continue to advocate for a consumer protection law. In a country where the service sector has shown tremendous growth and potential, it is only right for a listerning government to establish a consumer protection authority to seek the interest of the Ghanain irrespective of the kind of services provided. In this regard, it is about time that a cabinet sub-comittee is tasked to look into the development of a consumer protection law.

This not withstanding, we are opposed to the continous stay in office of NCA's chief executive officer. For several reasons and particularly NCA's lack of respect and show of concern on issues related to the quality of service provision by the telcos,we consider the Ceo a charge on public expenditure and for that matter, the need to leave office. He has been seriously negligent, and above all very desrespectful to the consumer. Indeed, he has not even seen reason to reassure the public of his actions, in the midst of this crisis.

Fellow Ghanaians, 96 hours after Vodafon's erratic to total black out in the provision of services to all of Ghana, is it not worrying that the NCA have not found it necessary to act decisively and constructively on behalf of Ghanaians?? It is only a compromised refree who will turn a blind eye to the vicious deeds of a provider who remain inefficient and above all take the consumer needs of the Ghanaian for granted. One wonders if NCA has a governing board. Very soon the heat will be directed to the sleeping board of NCA.

Countrymen, could this clear desrespect of consumption needs, the sudden termination,erratic and inconvenient provision of telecom services by vodafon in Ghana be mentioned same of their provision by their parent company in UK??? Never! it can never happen in the UK and why?????

Consequently,we call on the minister of communication through the NCA to apply drastic sanctions against Vodafon. In this regard, we are calling for all vodafon subscribers to be compensated by 500Ghs worth of credit for the inconvenience caused them. A "sorry" is not enough. This amount should be received directly by the consumers and not the NCA who have been negligent. Hopefully, this will serve as a deterrent.

We can assure vodafon and the telcos cartel that they will not triumph. We of AFAG from next week will step up our advocacy for the effective provision of telecom services. We shall not rest until somebody see the need to act.

AFAG's advocacy shall focus on:

.Monitoring of telcos . Provision of uninterrupted services to consumers .the high cost of international calls to Ghana . Pricing of calls in Ghana(credits finish up too quickly, the concern of the Ghanaian)are we been over taxed,over charged or exploited.

God save Ghana!!


Dr Nana Ayew Afriyie

Arnold Boateng

Abu Ramadan

Henry Haruna Asante

Davis Opoku Ansah

Columnist: AFAG

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