Sack Striking Doctors- Labour Federation Or Casket Makers?

Fri, 12 Apr 2013 Source: Sarpong, Justice

"The Ghana Federation of Labour has asked the Government to be bold and sack all the public sector Doctors who have gone on strike."

This sounds to me like casket makers whose prayers to God to increase the volume of their business have not been answered and sacking the Doctors will serve the same purpose and in people like Abraham Koomson and Senyo Adjabeng, they have found their "Angels of death"

I suspect Abraham Koomson, Secretary General of Labour Federation and Labour Consultant, Senyo Adjabeng are taking "SOMETHING SOMETHING" from the coffin makers Association or may have invested in coffin making business for them to come out and crap such a stupid advice to the government. According to these people, Ghana’s labour laws forbid essential service providers from going on strike and since Doctors can be considered as the number one essential service providers, they should be sacked for not obeying the law. Sounds reasonable and straight forward to 'brainies' like these two because they can draft the MP's they don't want the Doctors to compare themselves to to operate on patients who need surgeries. Let me sound a note of caution to these merchants of death that, everybody can become an MP but not everybody can become a Physician(Doctor)

Let's even assume the Doctors are flouting the labour laws, does the government want to go on this route without exhausting its options first like trying to negotiate with the Doctors? What does the Labour federation want to happen in Ghana, people dying needlessly? I am begininng to suspect this labour federation has been infiltrated by the coffin makers Association and the funeral industry who are the only people that can benefit with their bonehead advise to the government.

According to the Secretary General of this Organization, Abraham Koomson, he finds it repugnant that the Doctors are comparing their circumstances to that of the MPs.REPUGNANT? Is Mr Koomson saying we need the MP's more than we need the Doctors? How are the Doctors comparing themselves to the Members of Parliament when Parliamentarians receive almost four times in salary alone as compared to Doctors? Is Koomson and Senyo Adjabeng, a self described Labour Consultant saying we need Okudzeto Ablakwa and Nii Vanderpuije in Parliament services more than we need Doctors? How is Doctors comparing themselves to MP's when they are not demanding GHc50,000 housing allowances and $160,000 ex-gratia for every four years they take care of sick Ghanaians?

People like Koomson and Senyo do not care about the poor Ghanaians whose sweat and toil sustain our economy or they would not have come out and spewed suck malarkeys.

About 95% of Ghanaians unlike Koomson, Senyo and these pampered Politicians cannot jump on a plane and head to South Africa, Europe or North America when they need health care so telling the government to sack Doctors for asking what is due to them is heartless and selfish.

I hope Koomson and Senyo can draft their families now in the fishing and carpentary trade to fill in at the hospitals as Doctors when the government sack these people whose services are needed all over the world and can easily leave the country and head to Europe or North America where they can get their practising licences within four years and earn enough in one year what it will take them ten years to earn in Ghana. These Doctors are patriotic citizens who have decided to render their services to the poor folks back home and should be treated with respect instead of the scorn and poor salaries they are made to live with.

Justice Sarpong


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice