Bitter political infighting and national development – Part 1

Dr Kwame Nkrumah Speech Dr. Kwame Nkrumah one of the Progressive African leaders that was overthrown violently

Tue, 1 Aug 2017 Source: Clement Sangaparee

They have criticized you, they have doubted you, they have lied on you, they have done all they can do to let others hate you, but nothing they can do is to stop you from being WHO YOU ARE and that is KILLING THEM SLOWLY. It is not what they call you, it is rather what you respond to. All these Nasty Things Happened To me tenfold but as a June 4 Cadre, I survived all with distinction to date 2017.

That has been the fate of this writer since March 1984 under the PNDC era to date 2017. Jesus Christ said, If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you – John 15:18 – 19.

The worst part was in 2009 when the late Prez. Mills won the 2008 general elections, and appointed his tribes man as the MCE for Obuasi and he led a fruitless crusade against me through the NDC constituency organizer which resulted to my being dragged to the National Security and charged with DESTROYING THE NDC, the very party I sacrificed with thousands of cadres to build in 1992.

It was found to be completely FALSE and I was allowed to go scot free and they were ashamed up to date 2017. I will only stop writing articles when all Journalists are BANNED in Ghana because I am a Natural Journalist. What was my real offence? Answer, They are not comfortable with the progressive and hardhitting articles I always write and post to the media in Ghana. Dear reader, are you following what I am saying.

For your information, countless Obstacles were placed on my path in order to destroy my political career by some greedy and heartless party Executives of the NDC in the Ashanti Region, but because I always uphold the Revolutionary correct line as a true Social Democrat and not a Capitalist, my detractors always fail miserably. They all believed that Positions were Possessions, hence their sheer arrogance of power.

Here are some few Examples

1. I was reported to the national security twice by the then MCE and his party Executives accused of destroying the NDC twice in 2010 just because of the articles I always write – it was found to be false. What at all can they do since they all came to meet me in the NDC?

2. I was sacked from an NDC party meeting at the residence of the then MCE who later became the Ashanti Regional Minister just because I was NOT a constituency Executive in 2012, and yet 4 non-executive members were at that very meeting – do you hear me well? And can you believe what you are reading now? Yes, it happened to me live, so any wonder that the NDC had to lose the 2016 elections?

3. As if that was not enough, there was another party meeting with the Regional NDC executives and I was invited by an Obuasi West constituency Executive to the Golden Icon Hotel in Obuasi, when I went there, I saw 6 NDC members who were not Executive members and I was the 7th non NDC executive member but the Regional Chairman told me to wait outside the room without any further explanation. That was during the heat of the 2016 general elections – I simply left that meeting and rode away with my motor-bike and that was it. THEY SHOULD NOW SACK STAUNCH NDC MEMBERS FROM MEETINGS TODAY 2017 AND WE ALL SEE. THEY ALWAYS BEHAVE AS IF THEY DON’T KNOW YOU ANY WHERE.

Do you know the reason why all these nasty state of affairs are happing to me? It is because of the articles I write, so why won’t the NDC lose the 2016 election. No body can sack me from the great NDC until death, so if you are maltreated, don’t leave the NDC but do the right thing and fight on since we all carry different destinies.

Enemies within the NDC are always WORSE than the enemies outside the party, so, do not be surprised that the NDC had to lose the general elections in 2016 with a whopping one million and two hundred votes because everybody has only ONE VOTE, no matter your social standing or status in the society.

However their feet run to EVIL Isaiah 59:7 – 8 with their false claims that I was an NPP member. All those who hate Rawlings and were rather eating with both hands in the very party he founded were the very people including those I have described above in Obuasi who caused the NDC defeat after amassing wealth with impunity. I have written this article to advise all those hardworking NDC members who claim to have got nothing in the party not to leave the NDC because this writer also got nothing but enemies.

This writer is a card bearing member of the June Four Movement in 1979, and June 4 is heir to the present NDC. Infact June 4 was Merciless, very Brutal, Bloody and Swift.


We are presently dealing with a bunch of KNUCKLE HEADS now ruling the country in 2017. They are spree killers who have sadistic lust for blood. Nana Akuffo Addo, Ghana’s current president believes that ‘a falsehood repeated over and over again’ will always be accepted as the Truth.

He is known to demonise all his political opponents as weaklings and lightweights. Since January 7th 2017, when he was sworn in as president of Ghana, he has been telling people what they want to hear without the interruption of reality.

Africa is immensely rich in minerals and vast natural resources, but she continues to be plundered by powerful Western Multinationals with the collusion of some corrupt African leaders including Ghana’s president while many of her people live in abject poverty.

Any patriotic African leader who refuse to collude with these western multi-nationals for them to plunder his country’s natural resources risk been violently overthrown in a military coup de’tat often sponsored by these multinational western companies with impunity. EG.

Heavy Arms and Ammunition were sent through the Ashanti Godlfields corporation now AGA in February 1966 and smuggled from Accra to Obuasi and further transported to Kumasi for Major Afrifa and Col. Kotoka to stage that bloody coup de’tat in February 1966. So, do not play or joke with these deadly multinational companies in Ghana at all as they pretend to be investing in the country. therefore, these multinationals are international professional Armed Robbers and Blood suckers who have been milking the African continent.

Progressive African leaders that have been overthrown violently by these western multinationals are (1) Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana 24th February 1966, (2) Amilca Cabral of Guinea Bissau (3) Patrice Lumumba of the Congo now DR. Congo in 1960. He was tortured and his body was doused with Acid by General Mobutu on the instructions of the King of Belgium. General Mobutu was a nation wrecker, a traitor and a Western puppet. He violently overthrew Lumumba to enable western multinationals steal the Gold, Diamonds, Cobbalt, Uranium and Bauxite from the Congo and these international western Rogues are still in that country robbing Africans at Gun POINT WITH the support of Joseph Kabila, the ILLEGAL PRESIDENT OF DR. CONGO.

Where these multi-nationals could not penetrate, they use some tribal groupings as it happened in the January 1966 coup de’tat in Nigeria where the Yorubas in the West, the Ibos in the East, and the Hausas in the North were engaged in three cornered sectional rivalries which resulted in the DEATHS of the federal Prime Minister, the northern and western primiers as well as a number of senior army officers in 1973, Comrade Salvador Allendy of Chile was violently overthrown and killed by an American C.I.A Sponsored coup de’tat as it happened in Ghana. The only difference is that Dr. Nkrumah was not killed. Comrade Salvador Allendy was given a firing squad and thousands of his cadres were tied against Electricity poles and shot dead in the name of foreign investments.

Again, on 13th January 1967, Sylvanus Olympio, president of the republic of Togo was violently overthrown and brutally killed by Lt. Col. Etinne Nyasingbe Eyadema, the then chief of staff of the Togolese Armed Forces who stated that ‘Partisam politics was succeeding in splitting up the country along tribal lines’, if his allegations were really true, should a whole sitting president be killed in order to stop tribalism in any country? I leave that answer to readers. The list is endless, so QUO VADIS GHANA and AFRICA in particular?

Yes, foreign investors indeed! Is anybody listening? Keep your fingers crossed, I shall return with more fire.

‘Jaanbie Iwaii’.

I am done, Aluta Continua

Columnist: Clement Sangaparee