Sammy Adjei in KVIP business; and so what?

Sammy Adjei Kvip Sammy Adjei

Tue, 1 Aug 2017 Source: Isaac Kyei Andoh

In this country, those who have never conceived the idea of doing something for themselves are usually the very people who don’t hesitate to criticize and discourage those trying.

A business minded person who has taken the step to establish a business, built it from the scratch and with knowledge of how small a business can grow will hardly make mockery of anyone who has started in a small way because he knows that with prudent management, that small business might grow

Unfortunately, those employed who have no idea about how small the companies they are so proud working for started are usually quick to subject other people starting small to ridicule.

This is exactly how I see the public uproar about Sammy Adjei’s KVIP business. To be sure of this, I spoke to five friends who are employers and five who are employees and the response of those with their jobs was a unanimous approval. Their response was that if well managed, he can be very success because businesses centered around accommodation, food and restrooms rarely collapse due to our daily and hourly need for them.

On the contrary, of the five employees, four felt it was shameful and even condemned him for wasting the money he made in his career. Only one was positive.

This cannot be a reliable sample size to deem this an accurate research based finding but if added to reports from the traditional media, social media comments and the general response of people, it gives an impression about how negative we can be in this country even when clearly there are positives.

What is wrong with a former former Black Stars player investing in KVIPs?

Sometimes the way we put some things in the news as reporters, sensationalize the headline to attract more clicks can discourage people making genuine effort to put food on the table. In a country where people are so lazy that they jump to the comment section after reading the headline, it is up to us journalist to make our headlines as accurate as possible.

What at all do we need on this earth beyond shelter, clothing, food, enough to take care of the family and because of modernity, a car? Sammy Adjei is doing fine and if he is encouraged to manage his new line of business prudently, he will not be in the news begging tomorrow like many ex- players do

This is the time to encourage other players to follow his example so that they can keep living decently after retirement instead of making him an example of how bad things can get for once a successful player.

He doesn’t need to open an auto shop or a Telco to be deemed successful. He is taking money from the other end of the food we put into our mouth two three times daily and as long as we eat, he will remain in business. It’s a smart move people who haven’t tried to create a job will never appreciate.

The reporter who put the news out there with the diabolic headline is probably one of the many Ghanaians in anxious wait and at a loss as to when their June salary will hit the account.

We have to change our attitude and stop pressurizing people into putting up appearance they cannot sustain or afford because being themselves and cutting their coat to suit their cloth’s size will reduce them to laughing stock before the jury

Ghana is a lovely country but the knack for being negative is eating us up and keeping many dreams in the head people

This nonsense must stop.

Columnist: Isaac Kyei Andoh