Sammy Awuku to render Apology Now!

Sun, 7 Apr 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Sammy Awuku of NPP to render Unconditional but Heartfelt Apology Now!

I find it highly disgusting, nauseating, insulting and uncalled for, an analogous statement that Sammy Awuku has made. I decided this morning to quickly run through some publications on Ghanaweb.com prior to putting into writing the sensational message I have for my fellow Ghanaians regarding the demonstration scheduled to take place in London on Friday, 12 April 2013. While checking, what did I see, you may wish to ask? What a completely infuriating eyesore statement with two-word phrase - "fufu base", purported to have come out of the mouth of my fellow NPP faithful, Sammy Awuku?

I saw a rebuttal made by the Deputy Director of Communication for the NPP, Samuel Awuku to a London-based research group called Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU); describing their report on the NPP’s election petition as ‘fufu based’. Refer to a publication on Ghanaweb General News of Saturday, 6 April 2013 titled, "EIU report is "fufu based" - NPP.

Sammy Awuku used his nonsense "fufu-based" expletive in an attempt to emphasise his disgust at how the EIU views the election petition pending in the Supreme Court. The EIU had said in a recent report that, "the Supreme Court is likely to uphold the 2012 Presidential result for lack of evidence of systematic malpractice by the petitioners challenging the credibility of the elections".

Why Sammy Awuku should in refuting the baseless, stomach-politicking and populist observation by the EIU likened their views to having been "fufu-based?" Why is he trying to insult all fufu eaters, of whom Rockson is a daring boy? What is lazy or stupid about fufu and its eaters? Sammy believes that EIU did not conduct any proper in-depth research into the petition, but quickened to put out their views as though preparing fufu. Or, is Sammy only trying to tell me it does not require any expense of energy or greater research doing fufu in which case I can pardon him? Or, he means to say they had become lazy as opined by people that they become lazy after consuming fufu; and incapable of anything sensible but feel like dozing off?

I have never been happy reading such sweeping statements that have the potency to insult, or call the credibility of some otherwise intelligent people, into question. My sword is a double dagger that cuts both sides of the political divide. As I did not hesitate to lambast one notorious unintelligent Kobby Acheampong when he insulted the cocoa growers and the Ashantis with his infamous "Kumasi Kookoase kuraseni", so will I chastise Sammy Awuku today?

These youngsters of today who are with intent to do politics or become the future leaders of the country should be careful the way they conduct themselves. If actually one has acted stupidly, tell it to his or her face that he or she has been stupid but not going in circles to get yourself caught in the "Ananse web" (entangled in a cobweb). If Alfred Agbesi Woyome steals money and you feel he is a greedy bastard and a thief, say it loud to him but do not go in circles to end yourself up in an inextricable cobweb.

Sammy, I have pardoned you for being caught off guard, hence using words you did actually not intend to. People should not see me as fighting my fellow NPP faithful. It is just correcting him and also to prove to everyone that Rockson does not condone or countenance evil but will condemn whoever needs condemnation and praise whoever needs to be praised, irrespective of which political party one belongs in.

On the other hand, if those words were put in Sammy's mouth by someone else, then I say, sorry, to Sammy Awuku, my younger brother. We the old ones should be there to correct these young men, coach and prepare them to be good and honest leaders of Ghana after we have departed this world that is full to the brim with troubles of which we are to make the best out of.

NPP must stay RESOLUTE as admonished by GOD through Kofi Basoah of Asante-Juaben. Nana Akufo-Addo will be declared the winner of election 2012 according as God has revealed to many people including Kofi Basoah. I can bet my last penny or pesewa on it, for God is truthful but not a liar.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson