Sanctimonious Akuffo Addo Making Mockery of God?

Mon, 30 Jan 2012 Source: Boateng, Chris Gyamfi

The defeated 2008 presidential candidate of the NPP, William Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo took his desperation for the presidency to another level on Sunday, January 29th, 2012 at the Essipong Stadium when his party organized something they dubbed a prayer session for peaceful election in the forthcoming election in Ghana.

By this particular theatrical stunt in the Western Region last week, Akuffo Addo and his minions have confirmed NPP’s P.C. Appaih Ofori assertion that the NPP flag-bearer is a confused caricature that can’t make up his mind when the latter was dilating on the former’s inability to choose a running mate almost three years after he became the leader of his party.

Readers may forget about the lack of cohesion and coordination in Akuffo Addo’s campaign or his confused outlook and rather concentrate on the hypocritical and inconsistent nature of this disgruntled man and his followers in their attempts to make a mockery of God by claiming that President Mills had turned the castle to a prayer camp. Now, the same shallow minded political neophytes swimming in their double standards have deemed it expedient to also indulge in the same prayer sessions they accuse Mills of by turning a stadium to a prayer camp? There are many verses in the Bible admonishing against making a mockery of God but because the NPP and its candidate have no respect for God and in their desperation to win power “…at all cost” Akuffo Addo and his surrogates have embarked on a crusade of deception with the belief that such a move will win them electoral fortunes.

But you see, maybe Bishop Obinim or Jesus One Touch or insulting Adwoa Safoa’s bleached face father Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo should have opened the part of the Holy Book to Akuffo Addo where it says that one must not make mockery of God or mention the name of God in vain and that it needs a sincere and contrite heart for the Almighty to forgive someone who claims to have repented. But as it stands, most discerning Ghanaians and Christians are questioning the sincerity of Akuffo Addo and his group for organizing the so-called prayer session for peaceful elections. For, isn’t it ironical that the same individual would unabashedly tout the violent nature of his party by stating that “Atiwa no, yekyere won biribi kakraa bi”, to wit, we showed them just a little bit of our violent nature at Atiwa; or how does Akuffo Addo expect to have a peaceful election when he hasn’t confessed and denounced, renounced and rejected his irresponsible and sheepish stand of “All-Die-Be-Die” for the forthcoming elections? I don’t think Akuffo Addo considers God to be so stupid to bless someone who calls for a civil/tribal war in Ghana to enable him win political power. This man must be told succinctly that God hates such violent and temperamental characters who would want to just seize the opportunity to use God’s holy name just to achieve their parochial and selfish interests. Akuffo Addo can’t eat his cake and have it for it takes humility and good character to appease God therefore for God to accept the prayers of this man, he must repent and stop his violent and polarizing postures and apologize to people like Babs Hammer who suffered severe beatings at his instigation of as reported by Ghanaweb at http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/photo.day.php?ID=154729 in 2008 and there are many examples indicating people who have suffered from Akuffo Addo’s violent nature, including his own cousin Owureku Amofa.

There is no doubt that leadership requires level headedness, tolerance and even at the level of our traditional leadership, where we place high premium on the choice of individuals whose character traits reflect values of truth, nobility, sincerity and integrity. Sadly, Mr. Akuffo Addo is lacking all these attributes and therefore it is very difficult to allow this man to rule our dear country. Ghanaians would recall the indictment of Akuffo Addo by no mean personality than the Chronicle’s Kofi Koomson and a friend of Akuffo when he stated categorically to the hearing of all that he would never have a wink of sleep in the unlikely event Akuffo Addo becoming president of Nkrumah’s Ghana. What has changed? Is it not the same Akuffo Addo who found it prudent to organize orgies and beach parties where hard drugs were seen being used in the open without a flinch, not to mention the unprotected sex that characterized the parties among his careless followers who patronized his ill-advised jamboree? It’s quite nauseating and disgusting for an epicurean like Akuffo Addo to pontificate to us about peaceful election while all he knows is violence, tribalism to the highest order a la his “yen Akanfuo” mantra which shamefully seeks to pitch the Akan tribe against the rest of Ghanaians.

Is Akuffo Addo organizing these prayer sessions with a real repentance? With sincerity and with Godliness or just for electoral victory and thereafter tell God to proceed to hell? Listen Mr. William Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, you can fool some people sometime but you can certainly not fool all the people all the time and that it’s only your simpleton and Group-Think followers who will buy into your cheap and communists’ tactics of politicking. Indeed, the rest of discerning Ghanaians will not buy into your shenanigans as we’re ready to meet you at the electoral booth come December 7th.

Columnist: Boateng, Chris Gyamfi