Opinions Wed, 9 Oct 2013

Sectarian politics in Ghana

Accra, Wednesday October, 9th, 2013.

Press Release on sectarian politics in Ghana.

Our attention has been drawn to an Article in the Al – Hajj Newspaper and which has been republished on Peacefmonline dated October, 8th 2013 with a title “Mahama’s Popularity Plunges amid Hardships”.

The Islamic Youth Brigade is alarmed about the bigotry of those who insist on identity politics in Ghana and the danger of those who see governance in Ghana in the context of Northerner or Southerner.

Our view is that, every Ghanaian citizen must enjoy the rights enshrined in the 1992 Constitution including the right to leadership at the highest possible level. To make an argument in a manner which suggests that, the prospects of this country can be harnessed only when the leadership is occupied by some sections of Ghanaians is insulting.

Currently the people of Ghana are faced with numerous problems including inadequate access to education and health, joblessness, inadequate Housing stock and poor national infrastructure. These are problems which are faced by Ghanaians across the length and breadth of the country and all of us are interested in the political leadership solving these problems.

In this connection, the Brigade is convinced that, there are bad and incompetent politicians who have no clue about how to solve the many problems facing the people of Ghana. Irrespective of whoever is the President of this country at any given time, our expectation is that, he or she has to work for the realization of the aspirations of all Ghanaians.

The important thing for us is that, all the politicians and analyst ought to promote tolerance and tenets of the 1992 Constitution. Ghana is a Republican state and it is imperative that our political analyst refrain from feeding on sartorial and tribal sentimentalism and concentrate on creating an atmosphere in which no Ghanaian is discriminated against.

The Brigade notes that Ghanaians have enjoyed a peaceful co – existence and we must ensure that that admirable state of affairs is maintained. Ghanaians are politically sophisticated and no political analyst can gain any mileage by recourse to sectarian bigotry

Signed. Dauda Mohammed Suru. (Spokesperson) 0244 - 126292

Columnist: Islamic youth brigade