See who is talking about Corruption in Ghana?

Sun, 15 Jun 2014 Source: Krow, Ohenenana Obonti

I just got a transcript of the interview you granted BBC where you touched on the issue of corruption saying corruption is bedeviling this administration. As our former leader and a statesman, your contributions to our national discourse is needed, but I will respectfully advise that you do serious soul searching before making statements concerning governance in our country. I don’t think as a former President with your vast knowledge on real governance, it would be appropriate to toe the line of political pedestrians to make unfounded allegations meant to tarnish the image of our national managers.

In every institution, issues of corruption is common, the determination and genuineness to fight it is the most relevant. When you assumed office you sacrificed Mallam Issah to pacify your gods to pave way for effective corruption. The Ghanaian society went through a transition from society made up of modest citizens to a society of over ambitious, wealth seekers, criminals, saboteurs all because of what attitude which tickled down from officialdom. All government lands were sold among your cronies, contracts were cancelled without following laid down administrative procedures, your children controlled aspects of our international businesses, diplomatic passports were i?sued out to known drug dealers, the police service became so corrupt leading to

the famous cocaine turned konkonte case many other corrupt practices went on and unfortunately for us, you signed off your administrations corrupt practices with that millions of dollars gold chain award and made corruption an accepted norm through your infamous Corruption is as old as Adam mantra.

His Excellency, I think you must veer off the tangent you travelling, your outfit and admirers recently attacked President Rawlings for hammering on your past corrupt deeds, i don’t think what you did is anything different from the supplications poured out by Rawlings.

Whenever I hear talk about certain policies you implemented, i ask myself if you are being truthful to Ghanaians. Your NHIS you talk about was implemented to survive hugely on the VAT system, isn’t it? But have you forgotten that Vat was introduced by the NDC amidst serious protestations from you and your people? Most of the policies you implemented come with 10% deal and other backdoor deals. The oil you claim to have discovered isn’t bringing us anything meaningful because, you smartly drafted the oil contract to serve your

interest as an individual.

I wouldn’t go further for now but will advise that we must discern between what is an organized act of corruption from officialdom and the ordinary corrupt practices haunting our public institutions. For the first time in the annals of our fourth republican dispensation government officials are facing the courts unprecedented in our

contemporary times……

Ending I want to remind you that your own flagbearer for the 2012 elections, went to Rawlings to confer on him the title of “the most honest and decent leader in our contemporary times”, I hope you were around when that declaration was made. You have played your part and some of us respect you for the role you played in moving the state vehicle but, wouldn’t sit down for you to dilute the facts as we all know.

Your anchorman Alan Kyeremanteng presided over that useless cassava project under your PSI programme and ended up wasting millions of state funds, recklessness and indecision on your part and Alan forced on us that useless project. Ending, Mustapha Hamid who was close to your government, came out with an in-depth assessment of your administration and revealed that, you presided over one of the most reckless, weak and

corruption infested administrations in the history of our national politics, your own party supporters have still not forgiven you for your poor governance style leading to the 2008 election defeat…..



John Mahama, the Youth and the 2016 Agenda

Good Afternoon Mr President,

It has become necessary to write this article because of certain developments. Our desire and wish is to see you succeed as our leader and the youth in particular are doing everything possible to see you succeed. Though I don’t count myself among the youth base of the party, my close collaboration with them has given me in-depth knowledge of things happening within their ranks.

Mr President, I may step on many toes because of this post, but, I must be frank and open than posing as an ostrich just to look good in the books of whoever may have problems with my post. You must begin to move out yourself to ascertain for yourself happenings on the stables of the youth, if you rely on established institutions in assessing what is happening within the ranks of the youth, you may end up getting bad results.

Many People including youth leadership think that the problem of providing for these young people has not yet been tackled adequately. I see in the nation’s youth and the youth in your party in particular one of the most important assets of our nation and your party and your government in particular. From what I am gathering, you have a lot to do with when it comes to youth issues. It may be that, institutions created to see to the welfare of the youth aren’t well resourced, or unnecessary power play is stampeding progress.

Mr President, with the advancement of technology, the youth have become very important stakeholders in our politics and leaders will suffer dearly if they are not accorded the needed attention. Remember how Nkrumah used the CYO to project and protect his administration, he failed at a point when he decided to rely more on persons outside the CYO idea, remember the role Kofi Baako played to consolidate the pillars of the CPP until intruders like Amrtafio, Tawiah and the rest started their backbiting agenda. As a true and true Nkrumahist, I expect you to adopt some of the CPP models to project your administration and to make your reelection, very easy. If you continue to rely on institutions and persons you have delegated powers to, without coming out to find out happenings yourself, you wouldn’t get the right result.

Mr President, it wouldn’t even be wrong if you begin showing interest in who leads the youth in the coming elections, your strength depends on the effectiveness of your youth base so, the sit down unconcerned for weak and self-centered persons to lead your youth base, wouldn’t inure to your benefit. Be the Nkrumah you admire by stepping out immediately to know the situation on the ground. I will also mention Rawlings here. We had an effective party machinery during his tenure because of the many solid auxiliary outlets, the 31st Cadres front coupled with strong strategic thinkers like yourself. We must revisit our past, we shouldn’t see that to mean taking the party to anybody rather, we must see that as revamping the party structures.

Mr President, apart from the main party youth machinery, you must get some youth brigade on the ground to project your good work and to conscientize our coming generation. We shouldn’t underestimate that idea of ideological education after all, you are what you are because of the leftist’s ideological education you went through and your humility to under study the system upon your arrival.

Ending, I am humbly appealing to you to begin posing as the main pillar in your administration, get close to the youth through effective interactions and meeting, it shouldn’t always be in the campaign mood but, close meetings with them to raise their moral and also send them out spirited. As we speak, your reelection agenda is on and going on smoothly, the happenings in the opposition NPP suggests that, they aren’t ready to lead a serious nation like Ghana, meaning, you must prepare your youth to accomplish the agenda before you say goodbye by 2021, if necessary, the Roosevelt agenda comes to play.

I will end my submission here with all best wishes…..

Thank You

Ohenenana Obonti Krow

Columnist: Krow, Ohenenana Obonti