Selete Avoke must stop the character assasination

Prof Mawutor Pics Now.png Professor Mawutor Avoke is the former Vice-Chancellor of UEW

Sat, 29 Sep 2018 Source: Dawda Eric

I find it quite curious and interesting that Dr Selete Avoke, a brother of Mawutor, the dismissed VC of UEW, has jumped into a proxy war for his brother. Selete seems to have gone insane about his brother’s sack; so insane that he’s resorted to wild ventures. In a Facebook post which I just saw, Selete is waging war on the MP of his native area, accusing her of standing aloof while his brother, Mawutor, was sacked by Hon. Afenyo Markin, another MP!

To Selete, Mawutor must have been saved irrespective of the many illegalities on him. Was it Afenyo who sacked Mawutor or was it his illegalities that caused him? Selete has sworn to lead a crusade to vote out the native MP of Mawutor come 2020. How pathetic! In another post, Selete Avoke is warning and cursing Hon Afenyo Markin.

As if these are not bizarre enough, Selete has now unmasked himself. He is the Prof Kweku Sofoh, the coward who made it his business to spew lies on the academic integrity of Rev. Prof. Afful-Broni - and became a laughing stock. In fact, I too had decided to ignore the insults on the academic integrity of the new Vice-Chancellor until I read this crazy post of Selete yesterday. I think it’s getting too much and this is irritating some of us who know the academic prowess of Prof. Afful-Broni. Look at the desperate lies that Selete Avoke is now resorting to!

He claims to have been introduced to Prof Afful-Broni by an unnamed person at Mr Akuna’s house at a gathering where there were lots of drinks and pretty women. Upon reading those lies, Mr Akuna has come out to deny ever entertaining Prof. Afful-Broni at his home with drinks in the company of pretty women as being satanically alleged by this desperate criminal defender. What would this respected priest be doing at the place so described by Selete?

Having attended a prestigious Catholic University in New York for nearly 8 years, returning home with honors in his Masters and a PhD in Educational Administration and Management and having subsequently visited the USA nearly 30 times, Selete thinks that Prof. Afful-Broni would not know how and where to get his papers published in the USA if he needed to.

Another silly claim that Selete makes is that Prof Afful-Broni does not have a single article in his own right! This is laughable and not even a fool will think of such for a great man of good standing. Afful-Broni is a full professor! How did he do that? He has, among his accomplishments, been Editor in Chief of an Academic Journal that is over a decade old, a journal which has published numerous papers which have been used by hundreds of senior academics across the world for their various promotion exercises. How did he do it? Was that also done by Selete or Mawutor behind the scenes?

Selete claims that after he discovered that Afful-Broni’s papers were of such poor quality, he advised the latter to publish in cheap journals for a fee! Such stupidity and an insult to the general public, for wanting us to believe this lie. So Selete the renowned scholar advised desperate Afful-Broni to go that path? For what purpose? Is that the kind of mentorship Selete offered his brother Mawutor to get him to become a Professor? Why is Selete now telling us about such crimes? What an evil, silly, frustrated man!

Again, I find it interesting that Selete is the only scholar approached by Afful-Broni for help. The Catholic Priest went through 13 years of seminary training to be ordained - which to me is a great feat I can't even open myself to. The priest has taught at Archbishop Porters and Holy Child School. It is no secret that Prof Afful-Broni has mentored students to do their B. Ed, MPhil and PhD all these in UEW, but he cannot write an article! Selete Avoke is truly a joke.

Let Selete come to UEW and do a poll on who is a better scholar; his brother Mawutor and the new VC! What I know of the priest is partly published in the Investiture brochure and I wish to advise Selete to get a copy. He can also read the Goodwill Messages to enable him to appreciate a more dignified scholar and professional in the new VC. If Selete needs a fight, he should just come down and lets Rambo, else he should go kiss a transformer.

Columnist: Dawda Eric