Selling Ghana Piece by Piece to Foreigners

Tue, 6 Dec 2011 Source: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi

Dear Ghanaian,

Kindly spend just 25 minutes of your time and watch this link and shed a

small tear for Ghana.


*Verse 1*

Y?n ara asaase ni

?y? ab?denden ma y?n

Mogya a nananom hwie gu, nya de too h? maa y?n

Aduru me ne wo nso so

S? y?b?y? bi atoa so

Nimde? ntraso nkotokrane ne ap?s?menkomenya

Ato y?n bra mo dem na ye'sase ho do at?m s?

Adi y?n bra mu d?m ama yen

Asaase h? do at?mu s?

Chorus 2x

?man no s? ?b? y? yie oo

?man no se ?ny? yie oo

?y? s? na ?s?, ?manfo bra na y?nnkyer?

*“*This is our Land

It is priceless for us *(*No amount of Chinese money should buy it)

Our forefathers shed their blood to the acquire it for us (they were sold

even as slaves protecting the LAND, beaten, tortured, imprisoned, but they

refused to give up *Gold Coast* to the colonialist)

It is the turn of this generation, to safeguard, protect, and harness and

take it to the next level

BUT: Because of bad attitudes, greed, selfishness, jealousy, lies

(illiterate-literates those who think having a degree make them know


Has affected national moral and brought curse and suffering upon us all

It has become a scourge, hurt, and made us as disabled nation

The NATIVES LOVE for our land (motherland) has thus been affected and dying


Chorus: If Ghana will succeed (develop like the developed world)

If Ghana will not succeed (not able to develop like the

developed world)

It will go through storms though; all depend on the attitude

of the GHANAIAN.

Ghana,the once beautiful and proud nation that produced teachers to go and

teach the rest of Africa the importance of education, skills, and nation

building is today struggling to have teachers to teach them the simple fact

of life: NEVER SELL YOUR LAND TO A FOREIGNER. The Ghanaian politician and

for that matter the government in power has forgotten about our national

heritage and is very busy selling almost everything to foreigners. On one

hand you have Nigerians who have taken all the plush areas of our cities

and the Chinese, as you can see from this clip are destroying our land

including our RIVERS.

Can we continue to remain aloof in the Diaspora and allow mindless

individuals whose main pre-occupation of winning power is to sell anything

at all they can set eyes on? What legacy are we leaving for the next

generation? Our forefathers fought against the heavy weapons but they

never gave up our land to the imperialist but should we in peace time allow

mindless young boys who have always enjoyed privileged status to continue

selling our national assets to foreigners, so as to deny us our birth

right, something we will bequeath to our children and their children?

How do they succeed? They succeed because they planned this over a long

period of time in the sense that as nations like Nigeria were moving away

from the 18th and 19th century educational systems, Ghana continued the

outmoded and archaic education system the British Colonialist left behind

until 1994 by which time, we have produced many half baked Middle School

drop outs who were of no use to the modern technological world. When

nations were using computers we are even today still using slate and chalk

and one may think it is by accident,no,it is planned at every level of

authority in Ghana. Dr Kwame Nkrumah said: Forward ever, backward never;

but Ghana is going backwards at a speed that need men and women who love

Ghana to reverse it. I think the time has come for us all to put

CPP,NPP,NDC and PNC etc. aside and focus on national discourse that will

push us from backwards to forward.

SOURCE: Kofi Owusu-Ansah


Columnist: Owusu-Ansah, Kofi