Separating Honourable People From The Liars And Thieves

Wed, 20 Oct 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

If you lie to a child, you have ABUSED the minds of many generations to come. Tell the children the TRUTH. It is the ONLY WAY to set them FREE forever. Political platforms are SOLELY meant for political parties and their supporters to AIR THEIR MANIFESTOS to the electorate and CANVASS FOR VOTES in a very civilized manner, however these platforms are NOT meant to be LAUNCHING PADS of slanderous projectiles, intimidation and threats with the aim of INCITING PEOPLE to take up ARMS and go to WAR.

Reason must supersede EMOTIONS in the country’s political life because most politicians are TOO INCLINED to conduct their political affairs more with SELFISH INTERESTS rather than THE NATIONAL INTEREST. Ghana as a great nation was there before the formation of both NPP and the NDC and so it is bigger than BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES in this country.


A good press man must REPORT the TRUTH and ALLOW the public to make an objective assessment and judgment of the issues in the report. This is never the case in Ghana since the media has taken sides across the political divide and we have the Pro-NPP print and electronic media which is vibrant and the Pro-NDC print media which the party in government does NOT want to ASSIST to become vibrant with the flimsy excuse that they are private business entities, how sad! The NDC has NEVER been SERIOUS about publicity since its inception in 1992 and some of us think this must change. We can never GO BACK to the OLD DAYS when the ordinary people were followers of leaders and had NO RIGHT to participate in leadership, the days when rural communities were PINNED DOWN to the position of EVER LASTING DEPENDENCE on UNFULFILLED PROMISES of politicians and the SARDINE and TINAPA days of SWEET TONGUED members of parliament is GONE for ever and ever – Amen.

All the poor will soon die with HUNGER while the RICH TITANS live on earth. It is there we will see who will serve the other. In fact, if AIR was NOT a free commodity from God, all Africans would cease to exist because of the extreme greed and cheating by the so-called powerful Western Countries who give out loans with their RIGHT hands and takes the loans back with their left hands the next day and pretend to be helping African countries to grow. If you describe yourself as an Honourable man or woman and you start deceiving the people, telling lies all over the place, including divide and rule tactics, backbiting other people out of sheer envy etc.

With such a character you do not deserve to be called an Honourable Man or Woman. You are ONLY QUALIFIED to be a THIEF and NOTHING else and such characters must not be respected in society because they are liabilities to the state and must be AVOIDED since you are a professional Nation Wrecker. You see, popularity is not BOUGHT, it is ACQUIRED because if you BUY POPULARITY with money and your money happens to finish, you will live to regret as Ghanaians will not hesitate to openly tell you in the face that they were following you because of your money and nothing else.

If you find yourself in whatever position or occupation in this country be you a trader, businessman, banker, civil servant, politician etc and you are very DISHONEST, you are fully qualified to be described as a professional THIEF. These are NOT my words but I sincerely believe it is the stubborn Truth and so who The Cap Fits, Let Him Wear It. Who ever hates the Truth also qualifies to be a thief and can never lead Ghanaians in any capacity no matter who you are in this country.

It is better to face the TRUTH no matter how bitter, painful and unpleasant than to resort to SOOTHING FALSEHOOD in order to satisfy your selfish ends. There are just 9 individuals in the Obuasi Municipality and their stock in trade is to go round the Municipality, Kumasi and Accra trading falsehood, backbiting, character assassinations and all the Negative things that one can think of about hard working party elders and numerous supporters of the NDC. For Heaven’s Sake, I am advising them to put a stop to it completely for total peace to prevail in the town because it is very dangerous to chase a coward too far since you will meet his BRAVERY. I am prepared to fight back and make all of them very transparent for the whole world to see the black hearts in them. They all claim to have been born and bred in Obuasi but never joined the PNDC until 2008. Well, I am not an Angel anyway, but I always ensure that I don’t malign innocent people – I don’t envy people, I don’t go round knocking people’s heads together, I am not ambitious, since I respect myself, I hate lies and liars, so let them stop at once or they will all live to regret if they ROPE ME in their unproductive RUMOUR MILL in Obuasi because I saw them ALL coming to join the NDC party, one by one and if they are Now showing their TRUE COLOURS to Obuasi residents NEGATIVELY, they would be stopped in their tracks ONE TIME. You let them dance towards ME and we see what happens.

We have a responsibility to future generations, a responsibility to preserve RESOURCES that belong to them as well as to us, and without which NONE OF US CAN SURVIVE on earth. This is what most cadres including this writer think about and not Trash. We must therefore separate the Honourable people who represent the Millet that can feed the people FROM the Chaff that represent dishonest Liars and Thieves from BOTH SIDES of the political divide in order to liberate and free the Masses in Ghana once and for all.

Very soon, the year 2010 will come to an end, so for how long can most constituencies in the NDC remain divided, disorganized as well as the several petitions sent through the party structures in the Regions NOT receiving attention? Are we Really Serious as a political party in this country? Is anybody listening!

Aluta Continua

Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front

C/O Box 32, Obuasi

E-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement