Setting a national agenda, a realistic proposition?

National Development Planning Commission NDPC Jobs In Ghana The Commission is to advise the President on development planning policy and strategy

Fri, 29 Sep 2017 Source: Paul Kwabena Wadie

Are some of the solutions sold on radio by high profile people to Ghanaians meant to confuse us or just a subtle attempt to obscure the real cause of our predicament?

Do these people mean it when they cite lack of a national policy as the main cause of ignorant, poverty, misery, immorality in Ghana?

Granted! We do not have a national policy. Are they saying that if we had one, we would be able to turn things around?

Haven't we got the Ghana National Development Planning Commission? What is the mandate of the GNDPC?

Have we not had a Vision 2020 in Ghana? Would the things in that document not amount to a National Policy?

Enough of the questions. What do you want to say, Kwabena Wadie? (yet another question).

Well, I think it is a weak attempt by a failed generation to purge themselves of their culpability vis-a-vis the state of affairs in this country. Having failed to build a just, equitable and enlightened society, it becomes neccessary to exonerate themselves by blaming it on something as irrelevant as a national policy.

Clearly, we do not need millions of cedis to assemble the failed miserables in a five star hotel to come out with a wonderful document whose content would be shredded and thrown out of the hotel's windows in such an alacrity in the same manner these people steal state money.

Mr. Big man, if you do not know what the national policy is, we the ordinary people know. We realy know what we want. We want a clean and transparent political system that would make political leaders accountable. We need a robost economic system that would enable every adult citizen and resident earn a decent living. We want an educational systen whose products would come out with the knowledge and the skill, to at least maintain the current level of development, if not to improve on it.

The reason we do not have it is not because we do not have a national plan. The reason is simply that we have too many thieves in position of trust.

In fact, it has been done before; even here in Ghana. There was Yaa Asantewaa Secondary and there is Yaa Asantewaa SHS. Somebody was responsible for that transformation. We all know the history of the Korlebu Cardiotherapic Center and many more.

These individuals did not sit on their bottocks and bemoaned the lack of a national policy. They got out there to work.

Let officialdom apply the monies earmarked for whatever judiciously and with intergrity.

We need no national policy. We need individual honesty!

Columnist: Paul Kwabena Wadie