Sex for grades, my caution

Sun, 13 Oct 2019 Source: Mayor Agbleze

Can we appreciate that, there can be fruitful relationships between lecturers and students even if there is a sexual relationship?

Can we appreciate that, in our cultural setting, a genuine 'love proposal' is most often 'coercive and abrasive'?

Can we appreciate that girls also fall in love, which relationship must be 'carefully' managed by the 'fortunate man' in order to protect the dignity and respect for the woman?

Can we appreciate that, students do gain genuine academic benefits (not sex for grades) from these relationships with either sex (with a sexual relationship or not)?

Can we appreciate that, most often, the students in our universities are ADULTS and don't need us, as 'public' in their private space to handle this excessively private matters?

Can we also appreciate, the enormity of the pendulum now shifted to the negative opinion on 'sex for grades', the effect on a genuine girl's first-class performance when in a decent relationship with her lecturer, and the WORTH of her first-class degree at the workplace on this biased perception of 'sex for grades'?

Can we further appreciate the genuine affection of a lecturer for a brilliant girl and the rather unfortunate interpretation of the girl of the lecturer's intentions?

Let us be kind to ourselves, that we have a society to build and not a crowd to follow and not a whirlwind to ride. Mayor Agbleze, Comments on BBC Sex For Grade Documentary.

Columnist: Mayor Agbleze