Sex tourism, downside of tourist influx in Africa?

Sex Tourism The sheer explosion in international travel over the past 20 years has been a boon to exploitation

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 Source: Africanews.com

We often talk about the benefits of tourism but there is an aspect rarely mentioned; which is sexual tourism.

Most times, when we talk of the subject, the issue is often associated with Asia namely countries like Thailand or Philippines.

But sadly Africa is equally concerned by this phenomenon, even if it’s a taboo in some regions.

Hotels often close their eyes to these practices. And the authorities too, because tourism has a huge impact on the economies of these countries.

With the influx of tourists on the continent, issues like this should be addressed because some tourists might be traveling to satisfy their sexual fantasies with the locals, some are as well pedophiles.

The sheer explosion in international travel over the past 20 years has also been a boon to exploitation, so it isn’t an issue that should be swept under the carpet, especially for countries seeking to develop their tourism industries.

In Africa the subject is taboo because in general tourists are welcomed like kings. Juveniles are defended either by adults from the suburbs or by anti-pedophilic tourism associations that exist, but especially by NGOs fighting against pedophilia.

In general, when western tourists are arrested in parts of Africa, they are never detained for long because of corruption.

Some authorities are afraid of harming tourists, as this might have a considerable impact on the country’s economy, so they prefer to remain silent even though minors may be involved.

For the adults, I have not see any concrete actions kicking against sex tourism with the locals by their authorities.

For the moment, this is not the main issue of the current major political debates – very sadly so.

Columnist: Africanews.com