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Dr Nyaho Tamakloe is definitely not an NPP interest holder.

Dr Nyaho Tamakloe is definitely not an NPP interest holder.

Sun, 19 Apr 2015 Source: Superior, Musa

In the last few days, there have been public discussions and debate on who replaces Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan as Chairman of the Electoral Commission. Various views and opinions have been heard on this vexed matter.The major Political Parties, including the ruling NDC at a recent IEA round table discussion came to the consensus that there is the need for the Council of State to consult broadly with Political actors and Civil Society groups to ensure a more credible, impartial and competent person is appointed to the most critical position of the Electoral Commissioner of the Republic of Ghana.

The NPP through the General Secretary, National Chairman and recently the Presidential Candidate have appealed to the Council of State to be more open and consult widely before recommending some one to the President to be appointed as a replacement to Dr Afari Gyan.

It is therefore absurd and most despicable for Dr Nyaho Tamakloe who claims to be a "leading" member of the Party to so publicly rubbish the call by the leadership of the NPP that the Council of State should widen its net by seeking the imput of Political Parties and Civil Society groups in the search for a new EC Chairman.

I am totally scandalised by Dr Tamakloe's effusions. He has clearly demonstrated his lack of interest and commitment to the Party. It is a shame that he still holds himself as an NPP member whilst brutally underming the Party at every least opportunity. Dr Tamakloe has been consistent in his negative public commentaries about the NPP and this should not be allowed to continue. I am calling on all true loving members of our illustrious Party to join me to demand for his dismissal from the Party. Dr Tamakloe is an "internal saboteur". His family ties with the brother of the President has weakened his sense of judgement and loyalty to the NPP, the Party that has added value to his person; first as GFA Chairman and then as an Ambassador.

The National Executive Committee must investigate the comments attributed to Dr Nyaho Tamakloe with regards to the calls by the leadership of the NPP on the Council of State to broaden and open up the consultation process in appointing the new Chairman of the Electoral Commission.

Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe is reported in the media (www.t3network.com) as saying that; calls for President John Dramani Mahama to have a broader consultations with Political Parties in the appointment of the Chairman of the Electoral Commission is unfortunate.

He disagreed with and insinuated our Party's position; saying the calls for consultation is unwarranted since he claimed it is unconstitutional.

He stated; "This nation is governed by a constitution and this is not the first time that we have had an EC Chairman and I believe strongly that we should go strictly by what the Constitution says. This whole issue about broad consultation is unconstitutional and we should not even think about it at all. I don't believe at all in that. The constitution says that the President will act on the advice of the Council of State. We have a Council of State in place and they are made up of very prominent people and if I can say we have all ten regional representation there.

So what is the problem. This is unnecessary problem that we want to saddle this country with once again and I don't think that should be allowed"

Dr Tamakloe's comments is an affront to the constitution of our Party. He has failed to abide by and publicly uphold the decision of the Party per Article 3 D; iv of the NPP constitution. This calls for punitive disciplinary action against him.

The constitution of our Party requires that all members of the Party uphold the decisions of the Party Publicly.

By his vehement public condermnation of the position of the Party on the need for broader consultation before the EC Chairman is appointed, he has violated the provisions of the Party's constitution.

Dr Tamakloe must therefore be hauled to the Discplinary Committee of the National Executive Committee and if found guilty of sabtage, he should be expelled formally from the Party.

Thank you.


Musah Superior

NPP Member

Tamale Central Constituency.


Columnist: Superior, Musa