Stop The Sweet-Talks And Build The Nation With Action

Fri, 28 Nov 2014 Source: Crystal Clear Lens

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Crystal Clear Lens Editorial

The motto of THE CRYSTAL CLEAR LENS is almost similar to the caption above. We chose the caption for our paper bearing in mind that the Ghanaian electorate no longer trust the words of Ghanaian politicians.

In fact, the electorate are no longer taking the words of politicians in the country seriously. Their sweet words have now turned bitter in their ears whenever they trumpet them, and gradually, Ghanaians are losing hope and faith in our political leaders.

Simply put, Ghanaians are becoming apathetic towards our electoral system, and that do we know this can be a recipe for socio-political disaster in the country? Let us think about it meticulously.

Following a series of headline publications we have carried out in recent times in THE CRYSTAL CLEAR LENS that sought to draw to the attention of President Mahama-led Administration that Ghanaians, especially the youth are losing confidence in him over the economic hardship in the country, we have received mixed reactions from all quarters of political divides, particularly the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Although few party stalwarts have expressed their disquiet about the stories in the paper, majority of the grassroots supporters and sympathizers of the party, who formed majority of our cherished readers, have welcome the principled stance we have taken to protect and guard the values of the party in that, the NDC is not a capitalist grouping

But today, President John Mahama wants the world to believe that the NDC abandoned its socialism policy for capitalism, where the venerable have no place to live.

The NDC has chosen the path of social democracy. This is because in the wisdom of the founding fathers of the party, the vulnerable in society must not be left to suffer in the wicked hands of the powerful.

The party believes in social justice that is why the founding fathers deemed it fit that the NDC hold the strongest view that it must be duty of the state to support the weak and the helpless in the economy until they grow strong enough to be on their own. This would reduce envy and hatred so that they rich and poor can live in peace and harmony in the country.

Over the years, the leaders the NDC have had, had demonstrated beyond doubts their commitments to the course of the poor and the venerable in society.

The 8 years of Jerry John Rawlings as the democratically elected President of Ghana has shown palpable care for the ordinary Ghanaians. It is in record that Rawlings never used automatic adjustment formulae but provided massive infrastructure to the people of Ghana.

Despite the fact that, the Rawlings-led Administration faced world economic meltdown, where price of cocoa dropped seriously and the world oil price surged, during his tenure, he did not burden Ghanaians with the ridiculous increases on fuel prices haphazardly.

Going further, more than three and half years of the late President Atta-Mills Administration was not without world economic crunch. But, he did not burden it on Ghanaians. In spite of all the pressure he came under, the late President thought of Ghanaians first and rejected the selfishness some economic advisers around him.

Indeed, that was a social democrat for you and that is how a social democrat should behave in the face mounting pressure and if you have respect for the suffering masses.

Even former President John Diawuo Agyekum Kufour, who was the initiator and promulgator of the automatic adjusted formula on, who is also a capitalist, refused to implement the policy because he understood the adverse economic and social implications of it.

But, President John Dramani Mahama has shown his true colours since assuming the presidency of this land. He has show that he is real capitalist, where the poor are subjugated, but wearing the clothing of the poor.

He has no mercy and sympathy for the ordinary Ghanaians who voted massively for him, hence his wicked policy of automatic adjusted formula.

Simply put, President Mahama has no mercy for the helpless.

It will interest one to note that until THE CRYSTAL CLEAR LENS started carrying out the myriad of resentment of the huge NDC followers across the country we did not know the extent of their anger and helpless down there.

Our scouts have spoken to various segments of professionals who have shown over the years their true commitment and loyalty to the course of the NDC.

They were farmers, hairdresser, barbers, and commercial drivers, ice water sellers, cold stores operators, books and newspaper printers, internet operators, teachers, the lists go on and on. These are the people who formed the majority of the population, whose contributions to the economic growth of this country far outweigh the so-called contributions from the World Bank and the International Money Fund (IMF).

But, today they are disappointed in President Mahama because they had high hope and faith in him considering his long stay in politics of Ghana, having being a Member of Parliament for 12 years, held Ministerial positions under Rawlings Administration, Vice President for 4 years and now the 4th President of the 4th Republic of Ghana, after John Mills, John Kufour and John Jerry 'Booms' Rawlings.

The supporters complained of high cost of living in the country. To them, the factors that have created the hardships were the incessant increase in price of full, leading to astronomical increase in transport fares, which also pushed up higher the prices of transacting business in the country.

We at THE CRYSTAL CLEAR LENS have assured our respected readers and Ghanaians, particularly, the large followers of the NDC that we will not be cajoled to kowtow to any oppressors' rules in our quest to ensure the leaders of the umbrella family respect the values of the party.

And that President Mahama has taken the large followers of the great NDC for granted. He must begin to respect the feelings of the ordinary men and women such as the foot soldiers, whom he has no regard for, and the poling agents who laid down their lives for him to be a Member of Parliament in his constituency in the Northern Region, Deputy Minister and Minister, Vice President and now President.

Else, he will be called a bad President and Leader NDC may have had, after his retirement from politics.

Columnist: Crystal Clear Lens