Sharing Succinct Views on how Ghanaian Politicians see Voters

Sat, 5 May 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Political immaturity of most Ghanaians has always brought about unnecessary upheavals during national elections. Elections of any sort are to be easy and admirable where voters are politically enlightened. However, the immensity of poverty tormenting a greater section of the Ghanaian electorates coupled with their lack of political expediency has usually dented the credibility of our elections.

Most Ghanaians do not see the in-depth essence of voting to choose dynamic, dedicated and competent persons to steer the affairs of the nation. Some simply vote along tribal lines and or along their inextricable affiliation with certain political parties. This has given cause to most Ghanaian politicians and political parties to underperform and become corrupt. They know irrespective of how badly they perform or embezzle funds; the electorates will still vote them to power because the electorates are not politically deft enough or lack the dynamics of political savviness. Until we change what I perceive as our atypical or unhelpful political manners, the Ghanaian politicians and their apologists or agents will continue to sail on our ignorance to enrich themselves. Most of them are sheer opportunists who are not there for our general good but their parochial interests. They never cease to avail themselves of any slightest window of opportunity to amass gargantuan riches.

Look at the following case scenario to advise yourselves accordingly. The citizens of a country mandated a political party through nationally organised elections to govern the country for a fixed four-year term with the possibility for renewal on condition that it performs satisfactorily. Some well placed members of the winning party with some members in government started to amass illegal wealth, a complete abuse of their newfound position. They are in power with authority to do as they wish without anyone able to raise a finger. They are not performing to the expectation of the entire nation. The majority of the people in the country are suffering socio-economically. They are crying for Godly or miraculous intervention. They yearn for alleviation from the economic uncertainties and hardships that have unfortunately become their portion.

Those entrusted with the governance of the nation to ensure the present and future prosperity of all, but sadly seeking after their own, are now running to the electorates they have let down all this while for their precious winning votes. Out of the abundance of what they have stolen from the people, that is, the illegal wealth they have acquired, they are ready to bribe the electorates for their votes. They are ready to offer some of the electorates either a can of Geisha, a tin of sardine, a kilo of uncooked rice, a half piece of cloth, a second hand shirt, a machete (cutlass) or a GHC10 note. Some electorates are gladly ready to exchange their precious votes for a cutlass or a tin of milk or Geisha.

For how long will that tin of Milk, Geisha, GHC10 note or cutlass last you, my dear Ghanaian compatriot? For how well will your unflinching support for a party in government that has cleverly used politics as an arena to enrich those in government and a few fortunate ones serve you? Do you want those that are illegally amassing wealth have any respect for you if they can easily purchase your vote with a GHC10 note or a kilo of uncooked rice? Would the government not have better served you if they had provided you with potable water, job, good sanitation, better medical care, good roads, better security and non-selective justice than the paltry offers as listed above? What will your subservience to the cheating politicians who otherwise have no respect for you earn you? I see your continual kowtowing to them as underestimation of your intelligence that gives them permanent cause to take you for a rough ride. Even the pet dog is protective of his or her self-respect let alone a human being. Why then do we allow politicians to play on our intelligence as though we are without brains?

Let me cue you on a Chinese proverb, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". What is your position when you accept a tin of milk in exchange for your precious vote at elections? You are feeding yourself only for a day!

Please do not allow greedy politicians to take you for fools forever. Do not allow them to play on your tribal sentiments in attempts to catapult themselves into higher spheres of eminence. A word to the wise is enough.

I will be sharing educative views with you on our uncertain political terrain that can easily spell doom for Ghana if we intentionally render it slippery through our own evil acts.

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Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson