Shatta Movement has become an estate for corporate bodies to venture

SM Squad Shatta Wale and his fans

Thu, 14 May 2020 Source: Gideon Ofori

“My social media page is more active and bigger than your radio station”.

These have been the words of Charles Nii Armah Mensah known also as Shatta Wale to Andy Dosty of Hitz FM during an interview where he had promulgated how the Ghanaian media over the years have been sabotaging and downplaying his efforts hence he does not rely on the media when promoting his business.

On countless times, Shatta Wale has attributed his success to God and his fans leaving behind the Ghanaian traditional media since he believed they've added nothing to his growth which is partly true.

Yes, Shatta Wale has suffered enough media torment and downplay after reincarnated from Bandana to Shatta Wale few years ago.

This is a versatile music maker who makes the street his home and the people his family.

Arguably, he has the largest and loudest fanbase in Ghana.

The Shatta Movement, whose slogan remains “for life” has become the unbeatable stronghold of artiste fanaticism in Ghana and across the African continent.

This is a movement made of the ingenious and the oofy who will do everything to prove their loyalty to their leader.

Debatably, SM is the only fanbase who will go on any mile to see their boss making better sales than his peers when a corporate deal is initiated. The Shatta Movement has become an estate for corporate bodies to venture.

Almost every business entity who seeks to have a better patronisation and higher sales records at the Ghanaian market/business circle comes targeting the service of Shatta Wale and his fanatic fraternity.

Shatta Movement possesses some intelligent music inclined persons who along the day pens music lyrics to be performed by their boss and miraculously become a nationwide hit with ease.

Uncommonly, the SM empire has had most intelligent online journalists who energetically floats the SM gospel in the cloud, sustaining criticisms and defending their boss on every call.

They are tagged as rude and discourteous on social media by a huge section of the Ghanaian populace due to their hard-heart and ‘never-give-up’ spirit if you are to engage them in a debate. In plain words, nothing intimidates a baptised SM practitioner.

Shatta Wale’s success really rests on their shoulders and they’ve lived to become such an envious brand in Ghana.

Should there be an artiste fanbase to be awarded a loyalty crown? Then think SM.

This is not a piece to shower empty praise or to bluff persons about the Shatta movement but to promulgate reality and truth.

Nevertheless, there are other fanbases who are doing great on the field but SM stands tall.

This is a legacy of Shatta Wale and even should he quit music, the Shatta Movement will keep raising stars from the camp.

Columnist: Gideon Ofori