Shatta Wale begins 2018 with a flopped concert

Shatta Wale Untamed Concert Tema Shatta Wale performing at the Untamed Concert in Tema

Mon, 8 Jan 2018 Source: Nsekuo

I still don’t get why Shatta Wale live in Tema sports stadium was a total flop. This is the first time that this has ever happened to Wale and after my conclusion I guess the answer is that simple. Shatta Wale is overhyped

Okay, let’s talk about his previous shows which turn up, it seems almost all these concerts are free of charge to pull thousands of people together

Last night’s ticket were sold at just 25gh which is let’s say $5 per head but from 7pm to 2 am, less than 200 people were inside the stadium. So so embarrassing

At around 3 am few additions joined which was still not satisfying so before Shatta climbed the stage, they had to open free entry to people outside. Yet still, the numbers weren’t impressive for a brand like Shatta Wale.

With multiple hit songs and the most paid Ghanaian dancehall musician, we were expecting the stadium to be full with thousands of fans not 500 people or so. Even that, some entered for free

This is a very bad way to begin 2018 with but who can we blame? Is it the organizers, or maybe Shatta Wales brand isn’t appealing any more. I don’t think it’s about Shatta’s brand I blame some one or two people

I love Shatta Wale to bit but with what happened at the Tema stadium I think he needs to have a sitting with everyone part of the event to make sure whatever mistakes that triggered such a flopped concert with his name being tagged with would not repeat itself again. After all Shatta is good with his PR works

Anyway This is SM affair


Columnist: Nsekuo
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