Shatta Wale hates John Mahama since the former president has refused to associate himself with him

Shatta Wale Smile Wx.png Shatta Wale

Fri, 4 Nov 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Shatta Wale is bothered by something since he dislikes John Mahama. Even though I am not a musician, my relationships and interactions with these legendary artists, among them the late Lucky Dube, Joseph Hill Culture, Gregory Isaacs, Luciano, Anthony B, U-Roy, Andrew Tosh, Capleton, Seun Kuti, Julian Marley, Femi Kuti, and a host of others, have given me the knowledge I need to recognize Shatta Wale's issue with ease. We must ascertain the basis for this musician's disliking Mahama.

I appreciate musicians everywhere because I consider them to be people whose contributions to society and the lives of others have had a big impact. Unfortunately, many artists, including some in Ghana, don't respect themselves. There are very few people who succeed in the music industry since it is so competitive, therefore; many of them are restless and those that fear losing fame, suddenly appear on social media to make their nasty opinions known.

You may remember that Shatta Wale plotted with others to falsely claim that he had been shot. When someone feels insecure in the music industry, I mean making sure they appear in headlines, this is what they do. Each musician's life is influenced by their upbringing and the circumstances that led them to pursue music as a career.

Some of them are really modest, while others are naturally very mischievous. Such performers frequently use disgusting and repulsive language.

They refer to themselves as celebrities because the public perceives them as powerful figures in politics, entertainment, and even sports. Many of these celebrities receive attention from social media for their success in the publishing and entertainment industries.

One thing I have seen about many African celebrities, including those from Ghana, is that they always make an effort to make friends with the wealthy, especially politicians and occasionally the president.

Due to the popularity of these musicians and the enormous number of their fans, politicians frequently team up with them to win votes. Additionally, many musicians team up with presidents in exchange for presents and favors, including opulent cars. Shatta Wale most likely wanted to establish a strong relationship with John Mahama in the past, but the former Ghanaian president refused to work with him, and that rejection hurts Shatta Wale.

Giving a solid justification that leaves the reader with no space for doubt is necessary for successful writing. You will never see John Mahama in a photo with Shatta Wale because he is too polite and respectable to be friends with someone as impolite as Shatta Wale. If you go to Google search and type in "Images or photos of Shatta Wale and John Mahama, you won't find any, but you can easily locate the artist with Akufo Addo," you can conduct your own inquiry.

That alone reveals the type of person Akufo Addo is. A president who promised Ghanaians, he would combat corruption but instead elevated it and even welcomed people who were actually involved, in his government speaks volumes about Akufo Addo's awful character, and, to be honest, any wise leader would not identify himself with someone like Shatta Wale. The saying "Show me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are" holds some truth.

While celebrities in Europe, America or other developed nations are frequently chosen as Goodwill Ambassadors to promote a particular cause or global outcome, based on the basis of their media exposure as public figures, most Ghanaian celebrities prefer to go where the money is, so they can enjoy having meals and drinks with politicians.

Shatta Wale tried to become friends with John Mahama, as many of these Ghanaian celebrities do, in order to gain some money from him, but since the former president was uninterested, he declined to have any association with the Ghanaian musician; as a result, this gave rise to some resentment in him toward the former Ghanaian leader. Due to the negative things Shatta Wale has said about John Mahama, I was compelled to write "Shatta Wale should leave Mahama alone to take care of his houseless mother" for Ghanaweb on April 21.

Shatta Wale claims that if the National Democratic Congress is elected to power, "the country's economic woes will worsen." I pushed Wale to compare and contrast the dreadful and suicidal regime of Akufo Addo today with Mahama's era if he truly understood Ghanaian politics. I stated that the ignorant Shatta Wale shouldn't ever compare Mahama to Akufo Addo because being a musician is different from being a politician.

The most recent accusation of John Mahama that Shatta Wale has leveled is about "How Mahama requested for Gunmen to do a Job for him." Mahama asking someone to be a hitman is not even something I can imagine. The former Ghanaian leader guiding principles are intelligence, humility, and submissiveness. Wale must realize that because he embodies the exact opposite of these values.

Shatta Wale ought to cease endangering Mahama's good name, which the latter has fought so hard to build over the years because his principles are totally different from his.

Columnist: Joel Savage