Shine on! making Media General great: Giovani, Berla, MzGee & Apefa

GIO AND BERLA Giovani Caleb and Berla Mundi

Fri, 24 Apr 2020 Source: Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

Personally, it’s been ages I got stuck to local television or got hinged to some radio dial that I would not, under any normal circumstance, tune in to – but that feeling has changed in the last couple of months.

Today, I focus on some personalities at Media General, owners of TV3, 3FM, Onua FM, Onua TV, and other affiliated media platforms – who have made watching local TV and listening to radio very interesting for many people.

The focus is fixated on Giovani Caleb, Berla Mundi, MzGee and Apefa Nfojoh and how they are making Media General great!

Giovani Caleb

Arguably, Giovani remains the biggest buy for Media General and remains the biggest loss for EIB Network in a long while when ‘poaching’ became a norm in our media landscape.

With stints at Radio Univers, YFM and EIB, Giovani brought all the experience garnered over the years and poured it all at Media General. The guy is simply an asset and there’s no argument about it.

Since his employment in February 2019, he has turned heads and brought an inestimable level of attention to that media conglomerate. Put him anywhere and Giovani would deliver to his utmost best. He loves the job!

The undeniable fact is, not many people cared about the 3FM ‘Drive’. It was perched somewhere down the ladder of the most-listened-to ‘Drive Time’ shows within the capital. Giovani changed that – and his session with international icon, Steve Harvey, remains one of the best radio interactions done in the last decade.

This same guy, who made GhOne’s adult programme, ‘Duvet’ such an enthralling show to watch is here making our Friday evenings unforgettable with his quirky and riveting performance on the hit show, ‘Showbiz 360’ on TV3.

As long as Media General keeps Giovani and makes him happy, more eyeballs would definitely be transfixed on TV3 and eardrums tickled with his voice on radio.

Berla Mundi

Berla is beautiful but it has taken more than looks to get her onto that pedestal as one of the go-to female media personalities in the country. In the last 6 years or so, Berla has earned her stripes, mounting all stages to host all manner of events; from Miss Malaika to MTN ‘Hitmaker’ to the VGMA among others.

Like Giovani, Berla was all over the place at EIB Network – remaining as one of the strongest aces while its TV station transitioned from GhOne under Multiple Concepts to GhOne TV under EIB.

It’s almost a cliché comparing the two, but like Giovani, Berla’s versatility is remarkable; radio, TV, and events and everything else, she fits. It therefore came as no surprise when she was tagged with Giovani to commandeer the 3FM ‘Drive’ show and thus far, they are doing well.

She was, again paired with the enterprising Johnnie Hughes on TV3’s morning show, ‘New Day’ and Berla has been showing more than beauty. She has been engaging as she exudes such intellect, composure and tact.

There’s no way Berla would be in any media organization and not command her own show, so, it was refreshing to have her host ‘The Day’ show, and so far, so very good.


MzGee has this ‘can do’ spirit that has seen her make a mark in a male-dominated frontier; the showbiz industry. She was doing okay at Multimedia but her stock is skyrocketing since joining the Media General fraternity.

Clearly, her determination to make an impact regardless of the opposition is telling in every slot she’s been given; ‘Mentor’, ‘ShowBuzz’, ‘Showbiz927’ and entertainment on ‘New Day’.

In recent times, she has been taking some flak for her interviewing and presentation skills, especially in the heat of the ‘beef’ between Sarkodie and Shatta Wale.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her approach to issues and her ability to maneuver her guests in answering questions and in all the criticisms, many lose sight of the sort of attention she’s brought to the entertainment side of things at Media General. No affront to anybody but MzGee is breathing life into entertainment at Media General except for ‘Showbiz 360’ (That’s Giovani’s ‘baby’).

Obviously, there are quite a number of female-oriented shows on TV3 but MzGee, just as she did at Multimedia, needs her own TV Show. The potential she possesses is yet to be explored and exploited.

Apefa Nfojoh

This hardworking lady is hardly mentioned or accorded the necessary recognition and it’s because she is always behind the scenes.

Apefa is a gem and everybody that worked with her and for her can attest to how efficient she is and has been all these years.

She has years of experience collecting all the production credits for jobs and projects done at Charterhouse including Miss Malaika (the best beauty pageant in Ghana for years). She was responsible for production at GhOne under Multiple Concepts and GhOne TV under EIB.

Apefa is responsible for contributing to the television careers of a lot of revered female TV hosts in the country including the likes of Naa Ashorkor and Berla Mundi among others.

Whoever took her from EIB definitely knows her worth and just close to a year at Media General, and the dividends are already showing.

As Group Head of Productions, she is delivering the best of productions for all the major shows on TV3. She is literally making all these guys come on TV to look good. Without Apefa and her legion of hardworking staff, there would be no shine for the likes of Berla, Johnnie, Giovani and the others to take. She deserves all the accolades!


Columnist: Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo