Shining Light Into Egbert's Extreme Darkness!!!

Sun, 20 Sep 2009 Source: Biakoye, Nana

History has always been replete with extremely black pots calling kettles black; and for as long as humankind remains in existence, there is no way extremely black pots will stop calling shinning kettles black.

Deciding to be one of the extremely black pots calling kettles black, lawyer for embattled Bawku Central MP, Egbert Faibille, who is also editor of The Ghanaian Observer newspaper, has been pretending to be shining light, when all he is doing, is extending his darkness in all directions.

Egbert Faibille, in a bid to create a false impression and court public sympathy for his embattled client, published a cooked-up story about the springing up of a guerilla camp in Bawku in the wake of the NDC Government being sworn-in.

According to the cooked-up story, the guerrilla camp came alive after the NDC Government took over the reins of power and as it were, training Kusasi youth to wage war on Mamprusis.

And in attempting to spice the false story, Egbert published a picture depicting young men engaged in guerilla training.

Unfortunately for Egbert, the spicy picture, is what has given him away as a purveyor of falsehood.

Editor of The Ghanaian Lens, Koby Fiagbe, last Friday on Asempa FM, was the one who began to expose Egbert’s agenda of publishing falsehood and trying to use non-legal means to prevent his client from being axed as the MP for Bawku Central.

Koby Fiagbe, equipped with IT skills, was able to expose the fraud in Egbert’s story via the properties of the picture, which has made it explicitly clear that the picture was taken in November 2008.

I repeat; the pictures that Egbert Faibille has been publishing in his Observer newspaper, are pictures that were taken in November 2008, when John Agyekum Kofi Diawuo “50 Cents’ Kufuor was the President of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana.

Thanks to Koby Fiagbe, and thanks to modern technology, Egbert Faibille has been exposed as a lawyer who uses fraudulent non-legal means to attempt to court public sympathy and to win his cases.

Again on Newsfile on Joy, the potent duo of Eric Ametor Quarmyne and lawyer David Annan (not known to use fake non-legal means to win his cases), also exposed the fraud in Egbert’s story and the use of the picture.

Just as Egbert was unable to defend himself in the court of Koby Fiagbe, so was he unable to defend himself in the court of Eric Ametor Quarmyne and David Annan.

Egbert has been exposed, and he has been exposed badly.

And having been exposed, Egbert, instead of hiding his shame, decided to be on air claiming that people are living in the dark and that they need to walk out of the darkness into light.

As usual, Egbert, finding himself in the dark, attempted to run away from the core issues, and duel on peripherals.

Instead of dealing with the issue and answering questions pertaining to when the picture was taken, the lying lawyer hid behind source confidentiality and so-called editorial discretion, to run away from the issue.

Repeatedly, Egbert run away from answering the core questions, and waxed illogically on tangential matters.

It is obvious that Egbert has no answers to the core questions.

Egbert Faibille, the man buried deep in a pit of darkness via his lies, is the selfsame person who is attempting to create the impression that the likes of Koby Fiagbe are living in darkness.

A classical case of the pot calling the kettle black!

For years, when the NPP was in power, and with the help of political authority and state power, Egbert and his ilk, time without number, used falsehood and deceit to hoodwink Ghanaians.

Time without number, Egbert and his ilk used fake documents and falsehood to paint the NDC black.

Time without number, Egbert and his ilk used outright lies to vilify the NDC and its members.

For a fact, the likes of Tsatsu Tsikata, Kwame Peprah, Dr. Sepa Yankey, and co, we jailed because the likes of Egbert Faibille used their superior media power at the time to pass false judgment.

Poor Victor Selormey (may his soul rest in peace), it was the lies and false stories from the stable of Egbert and the then coffee shop mafia, that sent the man prematurely to his grave.

Drunk with power, Egbert and co forgot about the biblical admonishing that “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”.

For as long as the, bank accounts, pockets and stomachs would be full, Egbert and co bore false witness against their neigbours.

Ghanaians voted for change and a Better Ghana, and thanks to the decision of Ghanaians, bright lights are shinning across the length and breadth of the nation and today, the likes of Egbert cannot get away with spreading their darkness.

And instead of Egbert to stay quiet and benefit from the bright lights of the new dawn, he is still swimming in his darkness and deluding himself into thinking that he is swimming in light.

Well, there is enough light for Egbert Faibille to benefit from but if he chooses to continue to live the dark, that is his own cup of tea.

Just as Christ said to Zacchaeus “today, salvation has come to your home”, we are also saying to Egbert Faibille “today, light has come to your head; open up and accept it or forever stay in your extremely dark world”.

We are building a Better Ghana and little by little, we shall expose the likes of Egbert Faibille for Ghanaians to know how for 8 years, we lived in the dark and are now seeing the light thanks to President Atta Mills and his Better Ghana agenda.

Nana Biakoye (A True Patriot)

Columnist: Biakoye, Nana