Should Ghana Give Naadu Mills President Mills' Entire Retirement Package?

Fri, 3 Aug 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

Should Ghana Give Dr. Naadu Mills President Mills' Entire Retirement Package?

By Kofi Thompson

Ought we not, as a nation, set a precedent, and establish a convention, which will ensure a comfortable and secure retirement, for the widows of presidents who die whiles in office?

Now that we all know just how ill President Mills actually was, and the enormous sacrifice he made carrying on working regardless, surely, Ghana owes it to President Mills, to ensure that his widow gets his entire retirement package?

As a people, we have shown clearly that we are truly civilised - and that the rest of sub-Saharan Africa is right to look up to Ghana. Let us also teach them how to treat the widows (and widowers) of leaders who die in harness.

Parliament, the leadership of all the political parties, as well as the great and good of Ghanaian society, must come together quickly, and do what is legally necessary to enable Dr. Naadu Mills to receive President Mills' entire retirement package, as soon as that is practicable.

As a nation, it is the least we can do for an Amazon-woman of substance, who bore the outrageous insults and disrespect shown her noble husband (an honest and decent gentleman if ever there one), with fortitude and a quiet dignity.

Perhaps both she and all her relations - blood-relatives and relatives by marriage - can take comfort in the outpouring of genuine grieve and love, shown by Ghanaians across the entire country.

Extraordinary circumstances demand extraordinary measures. To make up for all that she (and both the former first couple's extended families) had to endure, from President Mills' opponents and critics (including me - who called on him to retire from office many times, alas), the Ghanaian nation-state ought to give Dr. Naadu Mills President Mills' entire retirement package - and do so quickly. A word to the wise...

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi