Should Ghanaian Presidents Wear Military Uniforms

Sat, 11 Aug 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

......On Important Occasions - To Symbolise Commander-In-Chief Role & Demonstrate Supremacy of the Civil Power Over The Military?

By Kofi Thompson

When members of Britain's Royal Family wear their uniforms as Honorary Colonels of Regiments in Britain's Armed Forces, they do so to show the close connection between the Monarchy and that country's armed forces.

Today, 10th August 2012, the Ghana Armed Forces buried their former commander-in-chief, President Mills - and gave him a dignified and fitting send off.

It was a final farewell that Ghanaians in Civvy Street were exceedingly proud of and admired very much. The organising of the funeral and burial of President Mills, illustrated perfectly, in practical terms, the strength of our institutions of state - and showed the world just how stable Ghana's constitutional democracy is.

Perhaps to cement and deepen further the relationship between the Ghana Armed Forces and their commander-in-chief - and to demonstrate in practical terms to ordinary Ghanaians the concept of the primacy of the civil power over the military in our democracy - beginning with President Mahama, on important occasions (such as Independence Day and Republic Day), Ghanaian President's should start wearing ceremonial uniforms of the three armed services (in rotation) to honour our military.

Surely, that will also show ordinary Ghanaians that their president is indeed the head of the military - with real power over all the men and women who serve in the Ghana Armed Forces? Food for thought, dear reader.

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi