Should Kufour and his Army Face the Financial Loss Law

Dynasty Kufuor

Wed, 28 Jan 2009 Source: Bannerman, Nii Lantey Okunka

Some of us, with a sixth sense, assumed that Kufour and his gaggle of con men were fleecing us. What made it very likely was when the NPP negated on the freedom of Information bill. All of a sudden, the NPP started giving spurious excuses. The bill was subsequently canned and stored in Kufour’s corruption gourd. Now, we must find that gourd, smash it, and liberate that bill. I hope the NDC will pass that critical nation shaping bill now. If they do, it will give them another four years of political life in my book. Yes, in addition to the unfinished regime that just started. Kufour knew that if that bill passes, their corrupt acts will be exposed like a sore thumb. From the perspective of a Ghanaian who really weep and moans for my country of birth, I am happy that God is looking out for us. Why do I say that? Why else were these arrogant crooks with power voted out of office? Once again, I say, thank God!! Hopefully, the NDC, with all its faults and challenges, will honestly lay bare, the nation wrecking activities of this arrogant bunch. I know for sure that there is more to come. I can’t wait to find out how much Kufour and his henchmen pocketed in per diem even while our majority poor continue to need and suffer. We must know the extent of per diem Kufour siphoned for doing nothing. This way, if for nothing else, we will have a baseline for successive governments.

Now, if it is true that the cost of the so called Jubilee House is $135 million, and not $30--$40 million as pontificated by Kufour and his men, they must be investigated immediately. If the investigation shows, that, some of these NPP folks willfully lied and strung us along on the issue of cost, they must visit Nsawam. There is a reason why they hid the real cost and they must pay dearly as a deterrent. Nobody should toy with us. None!! I don’t know about you but I am screaming mad!! Why? Well, if I look at how much $135 million dollars can to for our development, kids, sick and poor, I can’t help but demand swift justice. We must not allow these people to get away with this. I don’t know if this measures up to financial loss or not but I know that the difference between $40 million and $135 million is $95 million. Now, $95 million might not mean much to the cash gorged NPP, but it sure is a lot of money in Ghana and actually anywhere. No one should deceitfully pin such an odious bill on the good people of Ghana and get away with it. Keep in mind that the money in question is a loan that must be paid with interest and the building is still not completed. That Kufour will move into a building that is not completed shows the kind of sick mentality this man has. This man was and will never be a force for good. He not only abused and misused Ghana, but in the course, kicked his own party in the shin. I feel sorry for the foot soldiers of the NPP and I wish they had spoken up when it counted. Too late? Not exactly!! I am glad they are speaking up and saying what we said way back.

Folks, we were made to believe that Ghana@50 cost $20 million dollars. Now, the NDC says it cost $60 million. Where did the $40 million come from? Did the rubber stamp parliament approve it in the dark of night? Talk about a parliament full of magic and telling tricks! My friends, do you remember when Mpiani called the bluff of parliament by denying them access to the people that worked for him? Do you also remember when he told parliament to go to hell and that it will cost what it cost? Well, now is the time to grab that arrogant man, sit him next to a cooler full of water and interrogate him all day. What happened to the $60 million dollars? Who got what? Why didn’t they pay those who provided services for the event? What happened to the toilets that the project was supposed to build in Accra and others places? Why did Kufour get mad at Wereko Brobbey for the way he run his bit of that orgy? Chop chop?

Mpiani has already admitted that the luxury cars imported by the state for Ghana@50 has been sold. If so, there must be records of who bought the cars and at what price. Some of us want to know the sale prices and how that auction took place. Was it a public auction or partisan one? Why haven’t we paid the car manufacturers? Smearing the name of Ghana again huh? Are you not surprised that such appetite exist for luxury cars in Ghana? How come those that got the privilege to buy these cars did not import their own luxury cars? Could it be the wicked custom duties? How many of those cars did Mpiani buy directly or indirectly? Parliament must hold hearings at the same time as Mpiani and his phalanx of thieves are thoroughly investigated. The NDC must be fair and honest in their investigation. This way, Mpiani, if busted clean, will not make yelp or make excuses. There is no doubt that this man will be exposed if he is investigated thoroughly. I believe he is at the heart of countless skunk flavored scams against the good people of Ghana.

Lastly, the NDC must hold public hearings on the energy crisis that wounded our economy and tortured our people. We must make televised parliamentary hearing a vibrant part of our democracy. I want to know why it happened and how we can prevent it from happening. To add, the NDC should look into all the deals governing all purchases concerning that disaster. I want Ghana to know and learn from its mistakes. The only way we can to do the latter is to get to the bottom of the mess. More importantly, are we positioned to enjoy uninterrupted electricity going forward? If not, what needs to be done before another disaster hits? Let’s do it now!

As we painfully trudge through the mess that Kufour has left in his wake like a hurricane, we must make a sacred commitment to uphold and improve whatever is left of the rule of law that we have in Ghana. After all, the NPP claims it brought real democracy to Ghana like no other party. They boast of the rule of law and a functioning democracy sculpted solely by the gifted hands and minds of their party. So, it should not be wrong to use the functioning democracy they’ve bequeathed to fairly deal with members of their party and indeed anyone who stole us dry. The fish surely stinks from the head and all roads must lead to Kufour’s doors. First, he should be made to explain why he did not enforce the constitutional provision that requires that all political appointees declare their property before and after office. Next, he should be asked to account for his travels, the presidential mansion, energy crisis and Ghana@50. These are highlights of his presidency and I don’t see why he should not be made to explain what happened. Maybe Mpiani and Wereko Brobbey can do the explanation to the Kufour alleged lazy people of Ghana, while the hard working Kufour looks on in awe. Lord have mercy!

Brothers and sisters, I believe Kufour pardoned all those who were jailed for various crimes because of his apprehension about what they’ve done. I guess these pardons ends the canard called “zero tolerance”. I don’t think Kufour for a nano second believed in that “zero tolerance” lie and his acts during and after his presidency shows. The NDC should not pussyfoot with any NPP folks who are legitimately found wanting. Pardons or not, we must draw a line in the sand and deal with all nation wreckers on all sides of the aisle. We can’t continue this culture of letting loose hardened political con men who continue to rob the people. People are dying and suffering because of the impact of the looting that went on. Whether by bullet or wicked policies, death in real under both auspices. For once, we must take the battle to corruption and lock up all those who stole from the people and continue to steal. Let us not forget that it was this kind of rot that gave us Rawlings. And are we surprised that his party is back because of NPP corruption? Most of us know the kind of mayhem we had to endure to get to this point. We’ve chosen the ballot over the bullet. But this choice will not fulfill its promise if we don’t starch our spine and deal ruthlessly with the rogues among us. We must bring sanctity to public service and make unbridled greed a thing of the past. Ghana must always come first!! I love Ghana, don’t you? Lets act now!

Nii Lantey Okunka Bannerman

(Also known as the double edge sword)

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Columnist: Bannerman, Nii Lantey Okunka