Coronavirus alert: Lack of knowledge let my people perish

KIA Coronavirus File Photo

Tue, 17 Mar 2020 Source: Mohammed Bogobir

Our leaders are not providing the proper public education in our effort to fight the CORONA VIRUS. Folks CORONA VIRUS codenamed CODVID-19 because it came to light in November 2019, is a living organism like animals, plant, etc but it needs a host to drive through attacking your cells so that it can reproduce and thus disturbing your respiratory system leading to sneezing, coughing or pneumonia leading to severe or acute breathing problem.

Virus especially CORONAVIRUS is reported to have three parts namely (1) nucleic acid genome or RNA and 2) a protein capsid that covers the genome or RNA this are combined to form nucleocapsid and then lastly the third part is lipid envelope or membrane.

Folks it is the lipid membrane that facilitates the hooking of the virus to a host that is an animal (human being etc). Hence viruses including CORONA VIRUS can be killed or destroyed or weakened or suppressed by removing the membrane or envelope and leave it naked and it may not survive particularly the hot sun. Hence always wash your hands with running water from piped water because it contains Chlorine that can deal with a virus or wash your hands with warm water with 0.5% salt (Chlorine) being poured from a container or bowl whilst using the best or correct soap that is antiseptic soap or carbolic soap like key soap, guardian soap or germ killer soap to remove the membrane or sticker or glue ) and please not any other soap repeat not any other soap like Sunlight or OMO etc, if you happen do so with Omo et then use hand sanitizer as well. Warm water is preferred to cold water because it works on any possible oil in your hand which may help harbor or protect the germs or virus

Folks a study has proved that carbolic soap kills germ better than Hand Sanitizer. Google for Hand sanitizer vrs Carbolic soap which one will better kill germ. So washing your hand with running water and carbolic or antiseptic soap is a must-do. Hand Sanitizer is good but do not be worry very much if you do not have some. Just wash your hand with running water and antiseptic soap or carbolic soap and you are ok, after that you may use a paper napkin and not a towel or handkerchief.

Disinfectant like Dettol, Camel, etc must be used for cleaning metal parts, tables, clothing doors knobs, seats etc

The world is still learning on how CONVID 19 is spreading. Because CONVID 19 is currently causing respiratory illness or diseases like sore throat, cough, and It can lead to pneumonia or breathing difficulties hence it must have access to the lungs or the respiratory tract, that is why it is now believed that it can enter the body through the nose, mouth, eyes. Reason you must wash your hands so that you do not transfer the disease to your eyes, mouth, and nose from a contaminated hand. If this is true and it really true, then this mean that our leaders failed to understand and tell us that we should ensure our mouth, nose or eyes do not come into contact with metals or contaminated water or contaminated food. For instance prevent your child from putting coins or other metals in the mouth and also Sterilize spoons used by others or use disposable spoons. Also be careful to only touch your other openings like your EARS after washing your hands because your ears is not far from your lungs (may be because CONVID 19 does not get to your respiratory cells through the blood but see your Doctor for clarification on why your ears and anus have been left out).

Folks you need to start fortifying your immune system by eating more cleaned citrus fruits like orange, lemon, tangerine as well as garlic and fruits like pawpaw, for Vitamin C etc also eat vegetables like spinach , for you to be able to combat the diseases caused by CONVID 19 if infected . Detoxification can also help.


1. It will take a year to get the correct vaccine for effective treatment of CONVID 19 because the good vaccines for it must normally contain a friendly virus of the same type of virus or passive or cultured CONVID 19 virus for the immunization process with the vaccine. But currently, all available vaccines are being used with limited success.

2. Folks, the CONVID 19 causes very acute or severe breathing problem due to inflammations of a segment within your lungs. The infection of this segment can be treated with the help of home equipment called aerosol therapy or Nebulizer Respirair or Resuscitation equipment or medical ventilator. Thanks to God, I have a Nebulizer Respirair made in Italy, which I bought at $500.00. It’s a life supporting equipment for someone in coma or difficulty in breathing including asthmatic patients. I understand it is in short supply in the world and America has placed an order for supplies from Italy. If it is true and the same type ordered from Italy then I may hit a jackpot.

3. Does and Don’ts

a. Always eat hot food and inundate (cover) your fufu or food with hot soup (that is pour very hot soup on your fufu etc).

b. If possible keep about two meters away from any infected persons especially people with difficult breathing. Avoid body contact especially handshake etc.

c. Use paper napkin or mouth mask to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing and throw the used paper in dustbin or cough or sneeze onto the sleeve of your long sleeve shirt. You are required this so that incase you have it you do not spread it or infect your neighbor. Hence eat healthy food, a lot of Vitamins C sources like cirrus fruits (oranges, lemon, tangerine),, garlic, pawpaw and cleaned vegetables to improve on your immune system so that your body can fight it.

d. Mouth Mask should be used by infested people only, Since they already have virus infection it will be no more a threat to an infested person but to others

e. Wash your hand with antiseptic soap or carbolic soap and running water from a tap or pipe water due to chlorine content in tap water OR from pouring warm water with salt from a bowl whilst using carbolic or antiseptic soap for 20 seconds. This is a must and enough if you do not have Hand sanitizer. Hand Sanitizer are also germ killers and good to preserve your hand for some time after washing with antiseptic soap and running water. So washing your hand with carbolic soap and running tape water is a must and preferable. Use salt (Sodium Chloride due to Chlorine effect on virus with running water being poured from a container. But if you used any other soap not type antiseptic then use Hand Sanitizer as well.

f. Eat healthy food including Citrus fruits and paw paw.

g. . Reduce stress by dancing, laughing or good exercise especially walking and have a good sleep

h. Report to a Doctor if coughing or sneezing with problem with breathing.

i. Do elementary self-check by taking a deep breath for more than 10 seconds and if you complete it successfully without discomfort, stiffness or tightness etc means no fibrosis in your lungs means no infection or incubation period not matured yet. So keep doing so continuously for two weeks sometimes for 27 days due to the incubation period.

j. Disinfect metals, the floor, tables, etc with Dettol or Camel disinfectant

1. Educate your neighbor by passing on this information to ensure we join hands to combat the virus and if infected then how to manage it to prevent it from spreading.

Let us thank our President His Excellency President Nana Addo for his good foresight that resulted in 300 ambulances for the Country, since they are for Emergency Services am sure they all are fitted with medical ventilator or Respirair equipment as well.

Let us also thank him (His Excellency President Nana Addo) for demonstrating a belated leadership for asking for the postponement of gathering like Churches etc. His Advisers must sit up. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda ad his team are really sharp, Rwanda took action without even a casualty. The story that the disease came from outside Ghana makes us look stupid. Because everyone knows it emanated from China and spreading to other countries through travelling human host hence it must come from outside Ghana. It is in Ghana and the effect cannot be guessed by anyone but I suspect more than 20 infected by now due to the multiple contacts of people and things, load, etc made by six persons infected so far. Note they had hand shaking with others, touched a lot of people including things (the cedis etc) by now. So do not joke with the protocol on how to prevent it. Always eat hot food inundate your fufu or food with hot soup (that is pour very hot soup on your fufu

I supported the idea of a new voters or electoral register but in view of the threat of CONVID 19, the Electoral Commission must stop spending further funds on the preparation for a new Register. TAIS SO inn view of this high risk CONVID 19 It may be bad on the part of the Chairwoman and her team to go ahead with further preparation because CONVID 19 may last for more than one year, hence it has come to stay We need the money to fight the virus. The President is the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, he has somehow declared a war on CONVID 19,, hence all including the EC must cancel plans aiming at gathering people from now till October 2020. Failing that, the President should advise her to stop or stop her.

Our Leaders are not doing proper risk assessment and research so that they can provide good education. How can you be making noise of self-quarantine in case one suspects one has been infested by the virus without telling your people what self-quarantine entails and if one happens to do so due to infection what help one can get.

Folk’s common sense will tell you the need for storing one-month emergency food lf and only if you are to do self–quarantine and also the possibility of a lockdown of any part or the whole of Ghana suggest the building of emergency food reserve mainly biscuit, milo to reduce huge body waste. So once again start building your emergency food reserves (dry food like gari, biscuit, likewise shito, tuna flakes, fanti kenkey etc water and keep a durable flashlight all these items to last one month. This is not a joke but a piece of serious advice to all

Columnist: Mohammed Bogobir