Coronavirus: Can this be spread by our toll booths?

Sun, 22 Mar 2020 Source: Senyo Tagboto

Dear Sirs,

I road trip from Accra to Aflao and back yesterday and had to pay tolls 3 times each way (six time in total).

I was very concerned that the toll booth operators were all wearing gloves and some masks to protect themselves but that the drivers were given change and tickets by the toll booth operators who were not changing their gloves between serving drivers.

These toll operators were touching the hands of drivers while collecting their monies, giving them change, and giving them tickets. I politely asked if I could reject collecting my ticket and change to avoid hand contact after handing over my 2 cedi note at one of these booths but this was declined by the irate booth operator. So I kept on using my alcohol hand rub after each such encounter which I thankfully had in my car.

Sirs, I feel that while are encouraged to practice social isolation and avoid shaking hands, there is a potential for major spread from our toll booths. I recommend that all toll collection be suspended for 1 month to avoid this contact and that after this period the too fees doubled permit lost revenue be collected at a later date with additional income for ploughing back into our road maintenance schemes.

Best wishes

Senyo Tagboto

Columnist: Senyo Tagboto
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