Show NDC Red Card – Nana Akuffo Addo In 2012

Wed, 18 Dec 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement


The standard bearer of the NPP, Nana Akuffo Addo has asked Ghanaians to REJECT the NDC as it lacks the capacity to govern the country. Nana Addo said the NDC had become a spectacular failure and therefore deserved A RED CARD.

He noted that the NDC had a solid record of being vision less and so its continuous stay in power would draw back the development of this endowed country.

We cannot afford to be retrogressing as a result of the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of a government that is renowned for doing little in improving the lifestyles of the ordinary Ghanaian – the NPP flag bearer said. He was addressing a rally at the Jubilee Park at Tamale on Wednesday November 28th 2012.

This writer was also in Tamale to attend the funeral of my aunt who perished in a fatal motor accident on the 25th November, 2012 but I stayed behind just to go to the rally grounds of the NPP and hear the speech of Nana Addo. I then asked my family members to take the lead while I met a few friends in Tamale. They left and I went to soldier friend of mine and asked for his 4 x 4 pick up which I drove to the rally grounds and I was offered a seat about 5 rows behind the dignitaries of the NPP because of my huge smock and traditional hat I wore. In that speech, Nana Addo, reiterated his commitment to developing Northern Ghana, stating that his proposed plan would focus on FOUR THEMATIC AREAS (1) The up grading of the Tamale Airport to an International Standard. (2) Initiating the Northern Development Fund (NDF). (3) The Introduction of Free Basic Education from Kindergarten to Senior High School and (4). Revamping the collapsed Economy.


According to Nana Akuffo Addo, one of the biggest examples of the National Democratic Congress’s failure was the Sahara Accelerated Development Authority (SADA). SADA like the BETTER GHANA AGENDA has been a FAILURE, he remarked. Nana Addo further added that if the government considered the payment of HUGE JEDGEMENT DEBTS AS ITS PRIORITY, then the priority of his government was TO HAVE THE MASSES EDUCATED rather than channel STATE FUNDS INTO PAYING BOGUS BEBTS, amidst a big applause by NPP members. Something struck me and I said in my head was that not the NPP government in which Nana Addo was the Attorney General and Minister of Justice which CANCELLED LEGAL CONTRACTS entered with foreign and local contractors that brought about the ‘’alleged bogus judgment debts that the NDC is now paying ?‘’ In fact, wonders will never end, so I simply comported myself and remained seated throughout his speech. He described as preposterous the NDC’s claim that THERE WAS NO MONEY TO FUND THE FREE SECONDARY EDUCATION and questioned where it got the millions of cedis to pay ITS CRONIES IN THE NAME OF JUDGMENT DEBTS. The NDC says there is no money to fund free Secondary Education and they are paying to Woyome and others, is it not the money of the people of Ghana? Can we not use the money in a better way? Again, I became jittery and remarked in my head that Woyome is facing trial because of the said Judgment debt that was paid to him, so I believe that Nana Akuffo Addo had gone astray because he was confused.

Nana Akuffo Addo stated further that the NPP have Northerners at heart and will bring about meaningful development to the 3 Northern Regions. Fair enough, but Nana Akuffo Addo was a Senior Cabinet Minister in President Kufour’s government where Kufour told Ghanaians that he COULD NOT GET OR IDENTIFY ANY GOOD MATERIAL TO APPOINT AS A CABINET MINISTER From THE UPPER WES REGION. (2) In the year 2000, they then candidate Kufuor never knew that there was even an AIRSTRIP at WA at all, yet here was his former right hand man deceiving Northerners that the NPP had Northerners at heart, yet the same party leaders described Northerners as people with cracked feet. Double Jesus! Nana Addo appealed to Ghanaians in general and Northerners in particular to consider their well being and vote for the NPP in order to accelerate the real development they had yearned for over the years.

In Gusheigu, in the same Northern Region, NPP supporters burnt down the houses of NDC supporters and murdered the chief who was known to be an NDC supporter during the 2008 general elections which the NPP with Akufo Addo as its Presidential candidate lost the elections to the late Presidential J.E.A Mills in 2009.

According to Nana Akuffo Addo, Ex – President Kufour observed that the NDC was noted for engaging in what he described as ‘’AZAAR’’ politics in order to divert attention from the main issues. He further appealed to the electorate to vote based on performance and NOT ON TRIBAL LINES as being advocated by some persons. I was very shocked after that speech delivered by Nana Addo – If Northerners should not vote on TRIBAL LINES, why should the NPP members in Kyebi his home town and Kumasi, President Kufuor’s home region continue to vote on tribal lines to the extent that if you put an NPP flag on a sheep or even a pig, people from the Ashanti and Eastern Regions would vote massively for that animal – Perhaps the NPP believe falsely that Northerners are stupid fools hence his ill advice to them not to vote on tribal lines. Former President Kufour also mounted the platform and catalogued a number of projects embarked on during his tenure indicating that a DOUBLE of such infrastructure development would be witnessed under a Nana Akuffo Addo led government. Mr. Kufour had forgotten that it was under his administration that the Ya Naa was murdered after three days of fighting which led to an additional 40 sub – chiefs dying together with the Over lord of Dagbon. President Kuffour is on record to have described Zongo people as people without brains of their own and added that the poor Zongos are filled with young people who are illiterates. They only follow what they were told by their Imams (see Wiki leaks Ref. ID 05 ACCRA 892 created 10th May, 2005. How could a former President insult Northerners with such contempt and rush to tell the same Northerners to vote massively for the NPP to win in 2012?

The next speaker was Mr. Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin North who appealed to NPP members to be bold and vigilant to ensure electoral victory – after his speech, prayers were said and the rally came to a close and I then drove back to my soldier friend and showed him the news I had covered.

The next day, he bought a copy of the ‘’Daily Guide’’ which reported the NPP rally and it was not much different from what I had written, that story was filed by one Stephen Zoure in Tamale.

My soldier friend was shocked and asked me when my story would be published.

In reply to my soldier friend, I told him that I keep such speeches for RECORD PURPOSES and do not rush to have them published and that it could take about a year or even two years before I publish the story to compare notes. I further told him that the NPP would loose the 2012 elections to President Mahama because of HIS DEMEANOUR.

In Ghana, we have a very dangerous system that makes IDOLS and GODS of leaders where the leader grows to expect to be REVERED in the same way as TRADITIONAL RULERS. Therefore a system is consciously considered to be with physical and super natural attributes can never be said to be democratic at all. Secondly, it makes a mockery of democracy if a leader is upheld to be worshipped as god and granted immunity by sycophants and stomach politicians from critics or any thought of wrong doing.

Frankly speaking, the NDC as a party born out of a revolution MUST MOVE AWAY QUICKLY from the thinking that the NPP will relent on their onslaught against NDC supporters if these supporters does not fight back for as a former Young Pioneer cadre, the experience of Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP era between 1957 and 1966 shows that if people belonging to the United Party (UP) tradition lose an election, they would harass, subvert, threaten, intimidate throw bombs until they get their way to power and form a Looting Brigade called a democratic government.

The fact that Mr. Atta Akyea, the NPP MP for Abuakwa South and other NPP leaders were looking for dead bodies in order to cart them to the Volta Region in the hope of discrediting the 2008 election results in that Region showed how determined the NPP are to get their way and win elections at all cost.

The fact that the NPP drew a false HIT LIST of leaders that would have been murdered by President Mills after his victory in 2008 over Nana Akuffo Addo showed how determined they were. As late as 2007, they declared to NPP supporters that NPP would be in power for 30years. Although it is now very painful for the NPP to admit it, they have to accept unconditionally that within that type of thinking is an inherent feeling of Arrogance, Deception, Corruption, Drug trafficking, Selective justice and Distraction of political opponents’ businesses, the voters could be taken for a ride, and at long last the good people of Ghana RATHER GAVE NPP THE RED CARD and treated Nana Akuffo Addo’s appeal with the contempt it deserved on December 8th 2012. The NPP did the right thing by going to seek redress at the Supreme Court but they also did the wrong thing by threatening and intimidating the judges of the Supreme Court with death, while others threatened to cut off the heads of NDC Supporters which led to the Supreme Court giving them a light punishment and ordered them to sign bonds to be of good behavior for 6 months so on August 29 2013 victory went to the NDC because the NDC legal team had credible evidence that convinced the honorable judges to throw out the time wasting Petition of the violent prone NPP and NDC members would have jubilated constantly for the same 8 months that the NPP took the nation to ransom with malice, impunity and jealousy but we abundant it.

The NPP wants President Mahama OUT and the good people of Ghana want President Mahama IN THE FLAGSSTAFF HOUSE UNTIL 2021. They only hate and envy him because he is a Northerner from a minority tribe in Ghana period.

Elections are won at the Polling stations and not at the NPP Headquarters or the Supreme Court. So the NPP is a born loser and they would continue to lose future elections. Is anybody listening? I am done? ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii’’ Aluta Continua!







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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement