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'Sikaduro' is a myth and those chasing it are fools

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Sat, 23 May 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

I have always believed “sikaduro” to be entirely mythical. It is never true that there exist powers that are able to earn one riches through spiritual means without the person wiping even a bead of sweat off their forehead.

There is nothing like a snake or a human being vomiting money for you to become immensely rich overnight. It is all deceit crafted to fool those lazy little-minds in the Ghanaian society who desire to be wealthy at the crack of their fingers without doing any hard work.

Recent developments in Ghana have proven the non-existence of spiritual means to earn one quick buck to make them very rich. It is only by a well-implemented ideas or hard work that makes one great and a wealthy person but not by any resort to spiritual means.

It was not long ago that some two fetish priests were arrested in the Eastern region of Ghana, having ritually sacrificed four people in the hope of making those seeking their assistance become rich. None of those people who had sought their help could become rich as promised, although human lives were sacrificed with some of those consulting them getting sacrificed themselves. This is to do with the fetish priests called “Power one” and “Scorpion”

The underlying video on the arrest of two fetish priests who frequent Ghana television stations to assert on air that they have powers to make people rich through spiritual means, thus “sikaduro” in the Akan language, goes to emphasise the non-existence of anything called “sikaduro”. Those claiming to have powers to help you get rich quick through a snake or a human being vomiting money for you to become rich are all charlatans.

From what Power-One and Scorpion had done, killing people without ever being able to earn those who consulted them the riches they sought, coupled with the video above o the fake fetish priests, I can say without fear that all Ghanaians seeking extreme wealth through “sikaduro” are pure fools. They often end up sacrificing the lives of other people for rituals in the hope of acquiring riches but which never come through.

I shall plead for the government to come up with laws to ban fetish priests claiming to earn people money through sikaduro from the airwaves, thus, radio and television. All such people must be arrested and investigated whether they have a licence to operate or not. The licences of such fetish priests, mallams, etc., must be revoked with immediate effect.

A war must be waged on these fake fetish priests, mallams and prophets. Until we deal mercilessly with these false fetish priests, mallams and prophets who may end up sacrificing human lives for their stupid deceits, Ghana will never progress as it should, but will permanently be ridiculed in the eyes of the outside civilized persons and countries.

Today, Saturday, 23 May 2020, I declare war on these fake and criminal persons claiming to be what they are not; and asserting to have powers to do what they cannot really do.

I am feeling sleepy so I had better retire to bed to come back another day, God willing.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo