Simpa Panyin Mills’ Policy Of Okom-Nom-Tea

Sun, 1 Nov 2009 Source: Mensema, Akadu Ntiriwa

*By Akadu Ntiriwa Mensema, Ph. D.; Post-Grad. Dipl.

Mills likes his Okom-nom-tea Doctrine

Okom-nom-tea means if you have no clue

Set up committees to buttress the cluelessness

They drink tea and get huge allowances

Jobs for the Rawlings’ BOYS as usual

Jobs for Ewes without official positions

Rawlings tricked Mills and Fantes

When he told them “Adze wo fie na oye”

He meant his people in the Volta not Fantes

Mills has set up KONOM-TEA to investigate the following:

Quality Grain



M & J

Nsawam Cannery

Indemnity Clause

The NDC’s penchant for seizing toilets

The sale of Nkrumah’s 37 State Corporations under the P/NDC

Rawlings’ failure to eradicate mosquitoes as he promised

Rawlings rags-to-riches story and his rallying cries for transparency

All the anonymous friends who have made the Rawlingses rich

Rawlings’ use of three combined bungalows with 15 toilets

Remember his populist philosophy of one man toilet

The coward killing of the judges and why Rawlings knew nothing about it

Though his kinsmen got the jeep keys from the Rawlings’ secured home

And they Ewe gang used the jeep to abduct the judges to Bundase

Kufour used two years to build Keta Sea Wall

JJ, Tsikatas, Awonoors failed to do so in 20 years

Though the Volta Region was the NDC’s World Bank

Mills has set up committees that set up committees

They drink Okom-nom-tea that costs billions of cedis

Committee to investigate JJ’s silence after M & J concluded that

Now JJ knows that Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is very corrupt

Committee to study Muntaka’s diapering of the state said that

Muntaka misapplied diapers on himself and soiled his image

Committee to investigate TOR’s shortage of fuel announced that

The NPP stopped the Nigerians from supplying TOR with Oil

Committee to study the colour of Ayariga’s tractors concluded that

Ayariga alone bought five tractors with untraceable NDC colours

Committee to study why the Satellites won the Under-20 said that

Prophets Mills and TB Joshua have been hallucinating like JJ

Committee to study how to reward the Black Satellites said that

The Black Satellites should be rewarded by Mills and all Ghanaians

The Committee said that setting up the committee was uncalled for

Committee to study if the NDC is in power and what it is doing agreed that

Mills and the NDC are lost in the castle hoping for a way out in 2012

Committee to study Ewes’ domination of Mills regime opinionated that

Mills’ 2nd home is the VR so he does things in the Nyebro tradition

Committee to find out if Mills will move to the Jubilee House concluded that

JJ will never agree because he doesn’t like any house with more than one toilet

More importantly, he envies Kufour for putting up the Jubilee House

Committee to study if Sipa Yankey’s son paid him $ 10,000 per month said yes

Because Sipa Yankey taught his son how to “milk” other people’s money

Committee to investigate why the Foreign Service building burnt down said that

Mills’ committees have used the available water for Okom-nom-tea schemes

Committee to investigate if Mills is the President of Ghana said that

Yes, he is the worst President of Ghana because he has lots of clueless clues

Committee to investigate why Mills is forgetful noted thta

Mills roams the castle asking people if he is he really the President

Committee to investigate why Rawlings is insulting Kufour stated that

Rawlings knows well that Kufour eclipsed him in several achievements

Mills likes his Okom-nom-tea Doctrine and it is working for all of us

*Akadu N. Mensema is a nationalist Denkyira beauty. She is a trained oral

historian cum sociologist, and is a Professor in the USA. She writes what

critics have called “populist hyperbolic, satirical” poetry. She can be

reached at akadumensema@yahoo.com

Columnist: Mensema, Akadu Ntiriwa