Sir John’s continuous stay in office ...

Fri, 23 Aug 2013 Source: Jajah, Mahmoud

...an affront to decency

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We are utterly dismayed at the continuous stay in office of the convicted General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party. Having been publicly censured by the Supreme Court and convicted for intentional criminal contempt of the Highest Court of the land, it was the expectation of all right-thinking Ghanaians that Mr. Kwodwo Owusu Afriyie would leave his post.

All over the world, when prominent politicians drag the name of their political parties or office into disrepute, they do the honourable thing by resigning from their position, and failure to do so results in dismissal by the leadership of their party. Recently in South Africa, the ruling Africa National Congress (ANC) dismissed the President of the ANC Youth League for misconduct and indiscipline. This demonstrated to the whole world that the party was serious about disciplining its members especially leaders who should know better.

The NPP appears oblivious to this moral imperative and has rather sought to justify this non-observance of basic ethical standards.

The New Patriotic Party should know that their continuous but untenable excuses over the Sir John issue, smacks off tacit endorsement of irresponsible and reckless comments which has over the last three years or so become the mainstay of their leaders.

Even after Sir John had been punished by the Supreme Court for his errant behaviour; notable individuals within the party have come under a barrage of unsavoury attacks for insisting on the need for the right thing to be done. This is especially worrying as it hardly instills confidence in observers that the party wants to move away from their unenviable reputation for incendiary and violent rhetoric. We are equally worried that in spite of criticism over their failure to condemn Sir John after his unwarranted attacks on the Supreme Court Justices, there has been no formal reprimand from the leadership of the party especially the flag bearer in the 2012 elections.

The Research and Advocacy Platform believes that unless the NPP shows clear signs of regret over the Sir John matter and takes formal steps to relieve him of his post, serious questions will continue to linger over their commitment to decency in our politics.

Mahmoud Jajah

Executive Secretary


Columnist: Jajah, Mahmoud