Nudity - The route to being a celebrity?

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Mon, 23 Dec 2019 Source: Kobina Ansah

When Adam and Eve realized they were naked, they hid when they heard God approaching. In other words, when people are naked, their instincts should naturally make them avoid public scenes.

However, in the times we are in, nudity has become showmanship. It has become a tool people want to use to climb to the top. Unlike Adam and Eve who run to hide, such run to embrace!

We are living in days where people will do anything and everything to be talked about. Many are thirsty for fame… and this thirst makes them drink any potion even if it will end their lives. The penchant for popularity has made many victims of their own choices.

In this age of social media, quite a number of young people have decided to be celebrities using the route of nudity. Exploiting the internet, they are making a conscious effort to be known by exposing themselves inappropriately. As long as they have seen others become famous by running around naked, they resort to the same strategy.

Our youth of today must understand that flaunting their nakedness can get them on the news but can’t get them to stay there. Their nudity may make them famous… but only for a moment. Where there’s no talent, one’s nudity can’t sustain their relevance. If nudity is what makes people stay famous, every mad person running around naked would have been a celebrity!

There’s a big difference between becoming famous and staying famous. Every naked person can become famous but it takes great skill to stay famous. All it takes, in this day of social media, to be noticed is to show your teats. However, to be given the opportunity to influence decisions, talent is what is required. You don’t need brains to go naked. It, however, requires a lot of hard work to polish your talent.

Being famous is temporary. Being relevant is for a moment. Staying famous and relevant, however, is permanent… and that is what is too expensive for nudity to buy. It is when we want an easy way to the top that we resort to our nakedness. One’s nudity may get them some following but what will make that following stay is talent.

It is sad to see many young people, especially women, undergo all manner of stress just to get noticed. We live in a world where they all want to stay relevant. However, they forget that relevance has nothing to do with who’s most naked. The more such expose themselves, the more they expose their ignorance because no one flaunts their body when they could have flaunted their wits.

Relevance can’t be sustained by nudity because those who come lusting after our body soon leave. Lust is temporary and so is fame gotten by our nakedness. We can’t stay famous by daily showing the world what is beneath our clothes.

For how long will people be interested!? They will soon get fed up! If you assume flaunting your skin is the easiest way to the top, people take advantage of you. They assume you are dimwitted because nudity is cheap. If nudity were a product, its worth would have come nowhere near talent because everyone can go naked but only a few can have talent.

It is hard to work on your talent but it is even harder if you are talentless. If you are talentless, you needlessly suffer on people’s beds. If the head is empty, it is what you have in your panties that suffer the consequences. If you have little or no ability, you kid yourself that the shortest route to being a celebrity is via the route of nudity... and many take advantage of you for that.

Your worth is not in your nudity. You don’t need to spend your lifetime savings on bloating your buttocks or breasts. Truth is, no one actually cares about them. Spend all those resources in sharpening your skills. Be the best in what you love to do and relevance will come to you effortlessly. Be a doyen in your field and that’s when you will notice that indeed no one cares about what you have under your clothes.

Build your skills. Hone your talents. That’s the only way to get to the top and stay there. It takes no effort to go naked. It takes no effort to be famous for a few days. What requires time and effort is building your talent. And, of course, that is the only way to stay at the top!

Nudity is the cheapest commodity because it portrays us as sex objects. It makes us look as though we don’t know where our life is headed towards. It gets us noticed but only for a moment. After all, nothing cheap lasts. It’s great to want to be famous someday. The safest route to that destination is to work hard on your skills and talents.

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Columnist: Kobina Ansah