Opinions Sat, 8 Dec 2012

So Far So Good, Congratulations To Ghanaians

No doubt many Ghanaians were very apprehensive towards this year’s election, regarding the possibility of electoral violence which could spiral into full scale civil conflict. Perhaps the examples from many of our African countries gave us cause to worry and this was obviously worsened by some of the unsavoury pronouncements that also filled our air ways.

However right from the start of the elections up to now, the University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG), has been monitoring the elections and reports from various parts of the country and we are glad about the largely good news we have received from many different polling stations across the country, indicating the peaceful and serene nature within which the elections are being conducted.

On this note we want to congratulate all stakeholders (electoral commission, polling agents, electoral officers, election observers, security forces, political parties, the media, the voters and others) for their contribution towards this feat we have achieved so far and the successful end that indeed awaits us.

We want to admonish all that, let us continue in this vein, let us not rest on our oars nor be complacent, let us continue to be vigilant, watchful and strive for the peace that we all strive for.

Going forward we do understand that a critical juncture at which emotions, passion and anxiety arise is at the point of counting, collation and declaration of results. In this regard let us be guided by the peace, security, unity and development that we all seek as a nation and let us continue to conduct ourselves during this tense period in all civility and transparency. Let us not be overtaken by emotions, unfounded allegations and mere suspicion, let us remain composed and focused, and let us do the right and the best for Ghana our motherland.

We will want to especially caution the media to be highly circumspect about their reportage during this tense and anxious moment, and that they should be guided by the ethics and professional guidelines of their work, their moral conscience and a fair and patriotic sense of judgment.

Again, we also wish to caution political parties and their functionaries to also be circumspect of their utterances and should not seek to inflame passions and incite their supporters unto violence and other unruly acts. They should be ready to accept the results as declared in good faith, so that the country can move on. They should use the appropriate means to raise and address their concerns and reservations. Ghana is much bigger than any one political party and definitely than any politician, we hope that they recognize and accept this and do conduct themselves appropriately.

During this period also, the security forces should be firm and strict, and deal swiftly with any person or group of persons or political party that may seek to cause any havoc, raise undue alarm, incite or inflame passion and thus destabilize the peace of the 2012 elections and thus that of Ghana.

The university student community, Ghanaians and indeed posterity will severely criticize and judge any politician(s) and/or political party who because of their interest will seek to disturb the peace of this country.

Let us all remember that Ghana is a shining example to many African countries especially regarding democratic elections and indeed a highly respected country within international circles.



Laud K. Addo

USAG National President



Columnist: Addo, Laud K.