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So Who makes a Decision in Ghana?

So Who makes a Decision in Ghana?

Fri, 13 Jul 2012 Source: Danso, Kwaku A.

By Kwaku A. Danso

The letter to former Sports Minister Yaw Osofo Maafo revealed here on the Ghana Leadership Forum (GLU) today July 12, 2012, http://media.myjoyonline.com/docs/201207/Yaw%20Osafo%20Marfo.pdf

is very interesting and one can see the Vamed Engineering making it clear they have no expertise in the building of stadia, no relationship with others mentioned and no relationship with Alfred Woyome at all.

So who is making a decision as to

- whether wrong-doing took place, - whether it is criminal, - whether to prosecute, and when!!

In all the last year of revelations and public discourse, I think the President of the nation has been derelict in his duties and appears too weak and incapable of guiding the nation. These cases of revelations of massive government debt payments and even revelations of unlawful authorizations from the Attorney General’s office itself, should have alerted an active President to take charge and assign to some independent inquiry, if he was not involved in anyway himself, as some are speculating. In such matters, I don’t mind hiring an outside firm to do this. There are Ghanaian Law Firms in America I can recommend who can be hired and for a few million dollars, unravel all these things in no time and let the nation move forward. I am sure there may be others in UK and other developed nations also.

With no decision-making by President Atta Mills the nation is held hostage by these revelations, rumors and hearsays and actual written evidence but with no action taken, they become a diversion of attention from the main needs and demand of the people, such as water, open sewage, electricity, roads and highways and traffic congestion which the government should be focusing attention to solve to raise the living and economic conditions of the people!! Reports of economic growth may sound fine but without equivalent infrastructural development, and basic modern utilities like water, electricity and Internet being rationed, one is at a loss where the pompous declaration of a Golden Age of Business or a Better Ghana Agenda is, and even if to trust the agenda of our Presidents. And please don’t think I am criticizing only President Mills.

There is room to believe members of the Opposition are not that clean themselves, but for God’s sake there should be at least a few honorable men in the NPP and then NDC also like Hon. P.C. Appiah Ofori. It is time the opposition raised the issue of asking the President to act, and if he refuses to act, ask him to resign; and if he refuses to resign, then push a legislation for him to be impeached! He is not taking an executive decision that will move the nation forward in crises, something one would expect of him as his constitutional duty! Won’t this be a lesson for all to follow, even if the process does not succeed?

We have had enough public dialogue under free speech and discussions. We need action! The generation behind us are tired!! We are all tired of the lack of leadership and we are tired of the disgrace and want ACTION and ACTION NOW!!

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso,

(President-Ghana Leadership Forum & Moderator -GLU Forum. Email: dansojfk@gmail.com)

Columnist: Danso, Kwaku A.