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Gna Police Faceless Government has waged war against land guards

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

The land guard war continues unabated. We are pleased that land guards and their backers now know that there is a national resolve to put a stop to the security anomaly.

The openness with which they prosecuted the illegality has given way to concealment – an admission that a regime is in place which is obsessed with eliminating the criminality from society.

There are a few observations though which we think when tackled would go a long way in boosting the morale of the troops and generally propping them up as they fight the hoodlums.

We have learnt about the operation of a security detail, soldiers to be specific, around Abokobi, Accra which is not officially known to the central command of the land guard exercise. Information reaching us suggests that this detail could be operating illegally. Be it as it may, such operations should be under a sole command for efficiency. Fragmentations such as being noticed could weaken the backbone of the exercise.

It is our wish that the Director General, Operations of the Police, moves to find out the veracity of the operations of the said group and to take the appropriate action where necessary.

Flushing out land guards is a tough assignment because those being dealt with are hardened criminals who possess weapons and have made a lot of wealth from the practice. They would definitely fight tooth and nail to protect the source of their illegitimate livelihood. It is in the light of this therefore that we think that those performing this duty are supported with the necessary logistics they require to be on top of the assignments bestowed upon them. Like the galamsey war, this too should not fail.

It is also worth noting that those engaged in land guarding can easily switch over to armed robbery if the sources of the money they make through it is blocked as it is beginning to become clear.

If there is one mission which should not suffer the usual shortage of morale it is the war against land guarding.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the Director General, Operations at the Police Headquarters, COP George Akuffo Dampare, the Greater Accra Regional Commander and Chief Superintendent Kwesi Fori whose concerted efforts have started yielding the much desired dividends.

More obstacles would pop up as they prosecute the operation but these would be surmounted with a unity of purpose and an obsession to triumph by them.

One of the obstacles, as noted in an earlier commentary, has to do with efforts in various guises by beneficiaries of the illegality. Commanders must, as it is said in Ghanaian parlance, ‘open their eyes’ lest such persons succeed in undoing the successes chalked so far.

The journey is still far but endurance shall take them there. We would also ask that members of the public are directed sufficiently as to where to go in the face of real land guard threats.

We do not think that treating it as an ordinary charge office counter issue would help the war. We think that clearly designated points of reporting land guard threats would go a long way in establishing and maintaining the cordial relationship between those deployed for the operation especially the commanders and members of the public.

Intelligence gathering would also be greatly enhanced if such cordiality is established and sustained.

Columnist: dailyguideafrica.com
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