So, nothing refreshing ever comes from Akufo-Addo and his NPP?

Fri, 6 Feb 2015 Source: Bokor, Michael J. K.

By Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Folks, the ceremony to celebrate 50 years of Joseph Boakye Danquah (No one who needs any description of him) has turned out to be the usual occasion for anti-Mahama rhetoric by the NPP and its Akufo-Addo as if doing so will endear them to the hearts of the electorate.

Here is how Akufo-Addo's hot-headed but empty rabble-rousing speech is "headlined" by the ever-declining MyJoyOnline: "JB Danquah would want Mahama out of office - Akufo-Addo"

(See more at: http://www.myjoyonline.com/politics/2015/February-4th/jb-danquah-would-want-mahama-out-of-office-akufo-addo.php#sthash.CJi8tWYN.dpuf)

At the same time, the rusty Professor Mike Ocquaye is claiming that Danquah had anticipated the energy crisis facing Ghana and made plans for it. The claim is that he would have put Ghana in a better shape had he been voted into office.


Trash; stinking trash from these NPP rogue politicians!!

For Akufo-Addo to suggest that Danquah would have wished (and worked for) President Mahama's exit from office is nonsensical, especially granted the fact that he himself is not known for achieving anything spectacular to enhance governance. His ridiculous performance in office is enough to shoot him down.

But let's just turn to his performance as the MP for the Abuakwa area that JB Danquah hailed from. What did he do in the 12 years that his people put him in Parliament? It was only recently that the Mahama-led administration solved some of the major problems facing the people there, providing them with what would improve living standards.

Nothing from Akufo-Addo against the Mahama administration is even worth talking about, though!! And he can't use such a forum to solve his own credibility problems, the very bane of his overly bloated political ambitions.

As for the claim made by Mike Ocquaye, every well-informed Ghanaian knows the negative impact of JB Danquah, which was why he suffered the kind of punishment that he wrought for himself. An intellectual he might be, but a dry and unproductive one he will continue to be known for. A willing internal collaborator that the CIA of the United States used and dumped, which was why it was easy for Nkrumah to pounce on him, incarcerate him in Nsawam medium Security Prisons to die a useless death.

Nkrumah didn't deal with him because he had anything good for Ghana that countermanded Nkrumah's own agenda. He isolated him for particular pointed and stiff punishment because he was the embodiment of a dangerous political seed that might grow to doom the country. Particularly obnoxious was his advocacy for Ghana to be turned into a federal state and his ethnic politics that threatened national unity and stability. Being a man of foresight, Nkrumah saw through all Danquah's machinations and snuffed him out.

But for ceremonies of the sort organized in his memory by those toeing the ugly political line that he had cut on the Ghanaian landscape, who else would have bothered to remember him? If Danquah were so important to Ghana's development, why won't he feature in discourses in international fora? No one cares about him. Why should we in Ghana?

Was Danquah not the main influence on the United Party that did all it could to attempt thwarting Nkrumah's efforts to construct the Akosombo Dam for electricity power generation and irrigation of the Accra Plains to boost agriculture? What did he have up his sleeves that was to work for Ghana's good? Nothing to recall. He was an arrogant self-seeking politician who suffered the Fate that he wove for himself.

And if Danquah would wish President Mahama out of office, what could he do to achieve his objective that Akufo-Addo and his self-righteousness cannot do? What will Danquah do that Akufo-Addo cannot do to remove Mahama from office?

It takes the mandate of the electorate, not mere hot-headed "rally ground talk" to do so. As long as Akufo-Addo lacks the voter appeal to tilt the scale in his favour, he will never win the Presidential elections. he will shout himself hoarse and use every technicality in the Ghanaian electoral system, but he will hit the snag and flop.

If he thinks otherwise, let him sit in the saddle on his high horse and speak ill of President Mahama and his government while persistently doing and saying things to distance himself all the more from the voters. He will shed more tears when the elections are over. Such a character hasn't learnt any lesson with which to improve his politicking. A spent horse!!

As is characteristic of dangerous historical revisionists of Prof. Ocquaye's type, rewriting history for narrow political purposes is the preferred means to gain credit. But it won't wash with well-informed Ghanaians because the truth about JB Danquah and all those toeing his line of political thinking and action is already etched on their minds. It cannot be erased or plastered with anything else.

These people are just not well-cut-out to do productive politics in contemporary times. They will continue to fight against the tide until they deplete their resources and flop down, unfulfilled. Their kind of lying is murderous. Such disappointed characters!!


They can do anything at all they like about JB Danquah; but it won't ever register nor will he ever gain the kind of influence, stature, or prominence that they are splashing on him. Obscurity (in the face of the Great Osagyefo) has been his lot and will remain so. Digging him out of the history of ashes to whitewash today won't change his or their own political fortunes today or tomorrow because he and they are known for their intrigues. Ofui!!!!!!!

I shall return…

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Columnist: Bokor, Michael J. K.