Some 'Burgers' plan to sue Charlotte Osei ...

Charlotte Osei Happy Mrs Charlotte Osei, Electoral Commissioner

Mon, 7 Nov 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

...Should She Defer the 7 December 2016 Election Date

The Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, and the Electoral Commission risk being sued by some Ghanaian residents abroad. These Ghanaians are famously known back home in Ghana as “burgers”

Why are these Ghanaians doting on the possibility of causing her arraignment, some people may ask? The answer is simply that, they have taken their annual holiday to proceed to Ghana to exercise their franchise on 7 December 2016. Therefore, any deferment of voting date from 7 December 2016 to any later date will cause them great inconvenience.

When holidays are taken, they last for a period. There is always a start date and an end date. One must resume their work in line with the agreed date for one’s return to work according as entered on their holiday request form.

Look at the money spent on air ticket from say America, Australia or Europe to Ghana with the sole intention of going to cast your vote as an active citizen of Ghana. How will you feel if for the negligence of a person resolutely determined to intentionally cause some breaches in the hope of fraudulently assisting another person or party of her preference to win an election, make you suffer the repercussions of her evil acts by being compelled by circumstances not to vote because of postponement of the election date?

Anyone who is made to suffer any such loss of airfare and/or the sole benefit of their holiday is by law able to sue for loss of money and damages hence some “burgers” planning to go down that line should Charlotte Osei by her obstinacy, impudence and dictatorial nature cause the adjournment of the 7 December 2016 election date.

I think it is about time Charlotte Osei resigned because God is not ready for her to rig the upcoming elections for any particular person and/or party of her choice.

While I was in the middle of writing this publication, a work colleague alerted me to have received a phone call from his Ghanaian friend residing in the US who says his own house is not far from Charlotte’s in New Jersey and that he has seen Charlotte’s husband and children move from Ghana into the house. He was ready to give me the address but I declined it for the fear of mistakenly publishing it to unintentionally put Charlotte’s family’s life in some sort of danger.

I understand the law so I had better avoid such circumstances that will put me in conflicting situation vis-à-vis the American or European laws. Would I not be held culpable should I publish the address of her house in New Jersey and something fatal coincidentally happens to the family? Yes, I will; so why then should I go down that silly road while there are other better ways of getting her off her devious path so assumed?

Charlotte Osei should bear in mind that God will not pardon her should she compromise the justice and peace and security of Ghana by her preposterous actions. She could probably have been employed to do a job other than what Ghanaians have officially been made aware of.

Could she not have been purposely tasked by President Mahama to come to rig Election 2016 for him and the NDC hence her obvious intransigence to always do things contrary to acceptable electoral principles? However, now that the tides are against her, she should think twice before carrying out her nefarious activities for which President Mahama might have employed her.

If she thinks to be able to weather that storm of legal suits, and defy the wish of the majority of Ghanaians to achieve her secret objective of say, rigging the election, let her carry on but she should not forget that “obstinacy is the cause of the horns of the hornbill”. There is coming a day that she will regret her dastardly actions, bite her finger and say, had I known, but it would be too late to undo the evil that she has or had done.

Does she aspire to escape to New Jersey in the US after setting Ghana ablaze? She can run but she can’t hide. “If you run away from God, you are still under Him”, thus, you can never escape from God– “Se wo dwane Nyame a wo hye nnase”, so an Akan proverb goes.

The blowing wind for change is mightier for Charlotte Osei to resist it! Inshah Allah!

More grease to the elbows of those “burgers” who are planning to drag Mrs Charlotte Osei to court in an unlikely event of him postponing the election date due to her seemingly ongoing evil machinations bordering on stubbornness and pure vanity.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson