Some Clergymen Always Kill And Pray

Sun, 9 Oct 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

When society gets RID OF THE BIBLE, they have SILENCED GOD AND HIS VOICE, and that society DOES NOT KNOW where it came from, and where it is going but will remain a MOARLLY DECAYED SOCIETY FOREVER.

The moral fibre of the society is in the hands of the CLERGY who must instill LOVE, PEACE, DISCIPLINE and HONESTY in Society because people see the CLERGY as the DIRECT REPRESENTATIVES OF GOD on this EARTH. Ephasis should be laid on Faith for the Salvation of individuals in the Bread and Wine. We encounter the Reality of the Saviour. It is as if to become a CLERGYMAN is such as SPECIAL PRIVILEGED and BLESSED AFFAIR that nobody should talk or complain about the SERIOUS FLAWS IMMORLAITIES and WEAKNESSES OF THE CLERGY.

If the CLERGY FAIL TO REFORM THE CHURCH, the people must reform it to bring about MEANINGFUL WAYS OF WOSRHIPPING GOD. If some Clergymen shamelessly hide behind the pulpit to preach Hatred, Tribalism, outright lies, openly indulging in partisan politics with the false belief that all members of their congregation belong to one particular political party in Ghana, they must be advised to stop their hypocrisy in their various Churches throughout Ghana. The original Bible was printed in 1611 without chapters and it contained the Apocrepha. The Bible was written in Hebrew, and translated into Greek and Latin. It was later translated into English and German.

All the Churches in the World REJECTED some portions of the Apocrepha, they did not accept all of them. The first Church in the World is the Roman Catholic Church.

Can any Clergyman explain the reason why some of those Books in the OLD TESTAMENT were considered of DOUBTFUL AUTHORISHIP by the JEWS and were EXCLUDED from the Bible at the time of the REFORMATION?

By excluding the Apocrepha, were our FIRST CHRISTIANS DIS-OBEYING THE WORD OF GOD?

People were NOT ALLOWED to have ACCES to the SCRIPTURE when it was first introduced. What were the main reasons for keeping the scripture secret?

It was the Protestants who made people to have access to the scripture. Today if some people describing themselves as the Clergy with high sounding titles like Right Rev. Dr. so so and so, Cardinats, Bishops, Bragging Pastors, are now misinterpreting the very Bible for COMMERCIAL and SEXUAL REASONS in Ghana we must accept the fact that the original Bible itself was mis-interpreted and kept as a SECRET BOOK before being MADE PUBLIC because of a RELIGIOUS REVOLUTION by the Protestants. THE ENTIRE CHRISTIAN WORLD began to feel the VIBRATIONS of that UPHEAVAL in the Church. The Protestants UNDERSTANDING OF GOD is NOT DIFFERENT from what the SCRIPTURE SAYS.

They view every occasion as SACRED. Worship becomes one’s gratitude to God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. In some Churches, the governance of the Church is in the hands of the CLERGY alone and the LAITY are excluded.


1. In 1978, the Rev. Jim Jones led his entire followers in the Jones town massacre in the United States of America.

2. Mary Ellen Tracy alias Sabina Aset from the same U.S.A and the High Priestess of the Egyptian Church of the Most High Goddess was reported to have made love to 2,700 men in Aug 1991 and claimed that she was CLEANING THEM FROM THEIR SINS.

3. The Davidan Religious Cult of the U.S.A led by David Koresh led his entire congregation to COMMIT MASSIVE suicide in a 51 day showdown with the FBI agents in that country.

4. The DOOMSDAY CHURCH IN South Korea – The Leader told his entire Church members to sell everything they had and give all the PROCEEDS to him before they could go to Heaven because the World was going to END, but it never ended on 28th October, 1992 as predicted by him.

5. In Ghana, Jesus of Dzorqulu in Accra, broke HAPPY MARRIAGES by asking his followers NOT TO MARRY both male and female because it was a sin against God.

6. In Kanehsie, a suburb of Accra, a bragging Pastor inpregnated over 50 female Church members, and when he was arrested by the Police, all the 50 women besieged the Police Station demanding the immediate release of their Husband because he had committed no crime since they were not raped by him, and they remained there for 3 days until their man of God was released un conditionaly to them.

7. A woman from the Gomoa area in the Central Region, convinced her followers to burn the Holy Bible and the Holy Qu’ran because these two books contained FALSEHOOD, the members obeyed her order and set fire on these two Holy Books, but could not burn even a single page of the books after putting them on a BONFIRE.

8. One Osofo Peter never bathed and washed his dirty loin cloth in water and his innocent followers drank it in the name of Salvation. After my first article about A strange “Holy Bible” published in Ghana, Some Devil inspired, Satan directed punks wanted to know which Church I belong to. The answer is that I am a staunch member of the Roman Catholic Church in Ghana who was duely baptized in Aug. 1969, so all those who are fit to be described as punks I have no time at all to spare in giving them a fitting reply, because if you argue with a fool, people might not know or see the difference between you and that particular fool at all, so they must get lost from my sight.

9. In 1994 a Bishop in Rwanda led his tribesmen to kill one thousand people who were from a rival tribe to his own, so tribalism is practiced indirectly in African Churches. Tribal politics can be VERY POWERFUL and DANGEROUS and the DANGEROUS aspect of tribalism was what took place in Rwanda, where that Bishop was indicted by the International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) which was set up to try ONLY African Leaders in Sierra Leone, That Bishop has since being jailed by that biased court for killing thousands of innocent people who were described as cockroaches by a journalist in Rwanda I deal with people who matter most in the Ghanaian society, and not some incorrigible punks who always over cat, and get drunk and them speak before they think, and then start publishing TRASH for people to read in the Inter-net. Nobody has the monopoly over insults in this world, is that clear? In 1984, the then PNDC led by Chairman Rawlings decreed the Religious Bodies Registration Law, and all Hell broke loose in Ghana as the Right Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi and several others fasted for several days to God to prevent the P.N.D.C government from implementing that law, and God accepted their prayers alright they must clean themselves first and their commercial Churches of Crooks, murderers, fraudsters, swindlers, liars and cheats in cassocks first before the people of Ghana stage a Moral Revolution against them because most Clergymen are misleading thousands of innocent men and women to Hell in Ghana here- We are fed up with them.

God will never accept the prayers of all those Clergymen who always defraud, deceive, swindle their church members as well as those who kill and pray. PROPHET MOHAMMED – MAY PEACE BE UNTO HIM He said: Whoever sees Evil in Society, Let him change it with his hands; If he can’t, he should speak against it, if he can’t, he should let it WORRY HIS HEART BUT THAT IS A SIGN OF A WEAK FAITH. Yes, I have seen evil things being practiced by some clergymen in my country, Ghana, and I have boldly spoken against it, I have the blessing of God who sent Prophet Mohammed to preach the word of God to mankind. Is Any body Listening? I am done. Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua.









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement