Some Media Houses In Ghana In Contract With Satan

Mon, 15 Aug 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

It is shocking to know that upon all the noise made about Ghana's culture of fear of God, many Media Houses have entered a contract with the devil to promote his works whilst vigourously undermining the good works God has done in these country all over the years. They openly stick their necks out to press down any good done by the people of God whilst blowing to the largest limit any little blunder a man of God will commit. My worry is that a mere allegation against a man of God is treated as if it has been established to be true. This I believe is the work of the devil and so whoever dedicates his time and resources to it is working for the devil.

Over some few years I have followed media reports on Religeous leaders, especially Christian Religeous Leaders and have been worried the rate at which they are attacked for any small error on their side. Of course I don't expect people to be silent when some wolves in sheep clothen take the name od God for granted and perpetrate all kinds of evil in the name of God. But in the same vain I don't appreciate how issues concerning men of God are over exagerated. It sounds to me like those media houses has some gains they make when the name of God is brought into disrepute because of the deeds of the men of God among which we know there are very bad elements who indeed call themselves men of God but are not.

If our media houses will call ministers and political leaders to clarify allegations made against them and restrain their comments until the allegations are confirmed or otherwise, why do they not give the same respect to men of God when allegations are levelled against them? I followed the recent case against Bishop Obinim and my heart bled for the way the whole story was handled by the media, especially Hot Fm.

For close to two weeks, Bishop Obinim's case was on their air waves. The host and his pannel lambashing the man Of God for a story that in the first place the Bishop had confessed on another station to be true. To be true that prior to the marriage of the woman to one his of up coming pastors, he had an intimate relationship with her but again confessed that this was five years ago before the woman got married to her husband. He also admitted that those days he had sexual affairs with the woman. But denied that the child of the woman who was born after her marriage could by no means be his son as he never met the woman sexually after her marriage and a year or so before that pregnancy. I was previlleged to hear all these because Chaiman Sefa Kai took the pain to hear the Bishop's side of the story. On that interview bishop Obinim also confirmed having prayed for deformity on the child to force the mother to come out and tell the truth about their five years ago relationship and to confess she lied against him. Again this message was twisted in the media to say that he deformed the child to pay the woman back which is quite different from what the man said.

My worry is that the issue was handed by Hot fm and other media houses as if they had confirmed that they caught the Bishop in a relationship with the woman whilst she was married and as if a DNA had confirmed that the baby is indeed that of Bishop Obinim. I believe an allegation should be treated as such until it is established as a fact.

Again a recent story of a pastor caught naked with a Police man's wife was published and the innocent man was ridiculed and painted very dirty in our media. All his plea of innocence was never adhered to until the truth came out that the police actually set up the Innocent man and forcibly stripped him naked. He was insulted and defamed for what he never did. When the allegations against the man of God turned out to be false, the seriousness with which they lashed at him when a lie was laid on him was no where near the way they came out to publish his innocence. Their contract is to make noise when a man of God makes a mistake and silence it when they do what is good.

I personally don't listen to such stations as a Chriatian because their job is to kill the faith people have in men of God and in God for that matter. Because if you trust men of God it is easy to believe in the one who sent them. Homosexuallity is on the increase, they dont spend time teaching people on the adverse effects of this evil practice. Armed robbery is giving all sleepless nights but they will rather waste expensive air time gossiping men of God instead of teaching and enlightening people on how to avoid robbery. An eleven year old boy is leading a way for aid to famishing children in Somalia our media has not been able to take any such innitiative. Many issues are going on that the media is expected to concentrate on to build a Ghana good enough to live in but no, they use their air time to destroy hard earned reputations of men of God.

All have to be told that men of God are men like us and are liable to mistakes. The way issues of Men of God are handled in Ghana is just a way of creating enmity between the people and men of God. No wonder immorality is on the increase. Many people are no more interested in the things of God because of what they hear in our media about men of God which will not have been the case if the media was serious in telling the people the truth rather than blowing up allegations in full swing accusarions.

No matter ones stand on Christianity in Ghana, one cannot denny the immense contribution of the church in the building of this nation. In 2008, our country was nearly plunged into war, those same men of God we insult freely everyday had to be called into the matter who at the end resolved the looming conflict amicably. Every town you go to in Ghana you will see schopls buitl by churches from which some of this presenters even graduated. Their prayer, their guidance and the discipline they instilled into our forefathers as contributed in making Ghana what it is today. It iw time that true Christians will switch their radios to better stations when you see that all that a station is interested in is blackmailing the church of God.

Before I end I will like to remind you to be careful what you say about men of God just based on an allegation. Noah in the bible was drank but when he cursed his son it worked. David took his sodier's wife and killed the sodier but God called him a man after my own heart. Gos will judge all of us including those who mount the pulpit. Don't involve yourself. Leave them for God.

All those stations who take delight in speaking evil of men of God are working for satan and should be boycotted by believers who wants to build their faith. Watch carefully, issues about gays are swept under carpet by many of the media houses, whilst they critisize men of God for any little human error. Be as meek as the dove and as wise as the serpent. Dont listen to any rubbish at all because what you listen to will make you or break you.

Lastly, let anyone who has never sinned throw the first stone.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame