Some Politicians with mental health disorders!

Fri, 23 Apr 2010 Source: Wilson, Aba

In NPP it has become a fashion, as in many case, for their politicians to turn a blind eyes to modern civilization and looted the country at a rate faster than the flash of detonated warhead because they needed the funds to support their greedy criminal gangs, cult and narcissistic lives. While others do it in order to reward their nearest and dearest or to maintain a lavish lifestyle when their political lives are over. In truth, these crooks have a single and exclusive role to get access to the public purse, and the intoxicating wielding of power. These rogues and robber barons have always doubled as entrepreneurs.

Sometimes, they deploy a considerable effort to present themselves as they truly are, as narcissism runs high in their immodest minds; they then are self portrayed as consultants, self-made, all-committed in whatever money advocates, and ready to build the country - how to be fast dissolved. They are the epitome of irresponsibility, the embodiment of immorality, and the paragons of unproven argumentation, unjustified accusations, and baseless indictments. This reflects their totalitarian mentality which derives from their immoral education, and the unethical assumption that the Ghana power revolves around them. They get so stuck in their own pain, it's almost impossible for them to comprehend that they aren't the centre of the nation.

So what you really need to know is their infamously famous strong political motive, an uncouth fetish for power, and loads of hypocrisy. But what is their Achilles' hill? Anyone who doubts the downside of hubris should think of how the NPP lost the election. Like cholesterol in arteries, extreme arrogance can block seeing political realities.

All rationales crumble in the face of a John Kuffour looting brigade (50 Cent Boys) politicians who absconded with hundreds of millions of US dollars from the national coffers. These politicians are not only crooks but also kleptomaniacs. They could no more stop thieving than Hitler could stop murdering. Venality is an integral part of their psychological make up from Kofi Diawuo running through EO Groups and zeroing down to Tarzan Groups. And like any age that experiences a lull before the start of another storm, most of these “50 cent Boys” inevitably propagated, amongst other things certain ‘values’ in their one-tracked minds. Surprisingly, about 99% of them come from the same area – though it 'may' be mutually exclusive, it however sticks from any vintage point.

When people rally behind false change agents something worse than being disappointed and having their hopes killed and the national energy for real change is wasted during their 8yrs looting.

Why does deception and delusion work so effectively on some people? When it comes to the crunch on these thieves, the vast majority of citizens- mostly their followers are uninformed, stupid and dumb, regardless of their educational level. Mostly, these ignoramuses are free to remain vulnerable to deception and delusion. As distracted and compulsive consumers, they fell head over hills for NPP political lies and their slick campaign rhetoric change used in 2000. These 50 Cent Boys with mental health disorders (for instance, narcissists or psychopaths) react by decompensation. They robbed the state and coerced their companies to do the same. These politicians and bureaucrats let off steam by looting the entire country wealth. Kleptomaniacs fail to resist or control the impulse to steal, even if they have no use for the booty. They feel pleasure, gratification, or relief when committing the theft. As most kleptomaniac politicians are also psychopaths, they rarely feel remorse or fear the consequences of their misdeeds. But this only makes them more culpable and dangerous. Despite all their promises, the seat of power has such a definite impact on them that almost everyone of them that was selected forgets what honesty is all about. As long as you are an enthusiastic supporter of this crooked NPP party you are a willing participant in their fake democracy.

Lets not delude ourselves that all will be well after Kuffour and his boys have gone. As awful as Kuffour and his Mafia are, they are a symptom of what ails our country. Ghana will remain in need of deep reforms. Right thinking groups must wake up to what is really needed and rally around a revolutionary strategy - it must be self-correcting. When a political system no longer deserves trust, citizens must trust themselves. The real needs are structural reforms that combat the major societal delusions that are driving Ghana downhill. We must attack the root causes of problems rather than provide temporary relief or cover-up of symptoms and jail those thieves quickly because the people who committed the looting crime have put themselves outside the normal laws of society, so lets treat them as such.

Aba Wilson

Columnist: Wilson, Aba