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Some of us are 'hypocrites' when we celebrate Mother's Day - Arthur Kennedy

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Sun, 13 May 2018 Source: Arthur Kennedy

This is the day we celebrate our biological mothers and all who mother us. Most of us have many mothers at various stages of our lives. To be candid, one day is not enough. Everyday should be mothers' Day. On this day, I miss my late mother-- for her love, diligence and no-nonsense candour.

Now, some of us are hypocrites when we celebrate mothers' day. These are those who abuse their spouses or neglect their mothers. Today, let us resolve not to abuse mothers but to honour them.

Then there are bad mothers-- mothers who smoke, drink and use drugs while pregnant or raising their kids. And there are a few who abandon or abuse their kids. These conditions need not be permanent and we must always encourage mothers to reach their potential and be better for their kids-- including the men in their lives.

On this day, as we celebrate the many good mothers, let's call out the few bad mothers and the hypocrites who join the chorus on mothers' Day and abuse mothers the rest of the Year.

Happy Mothers' Day.

Columnist: Arthur Kennedy