Someone tell him to keep our monies until we write well

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Fri, 15 Dec 2017 Source: Solomon Ananpansah

I think gradually some senior folks who are expected by natural law to show us the way are losing control. We can only seek heavenly prayers in restrain and dare not get offensive by confronting them in a morally sensitive but porous environment like ours, least we shall be labelled and told “no matter what the Grey-haired is always right even when hollow”

I am only forced to reply the Public Relations Officer of the NSS Mr. Ambrose Enstiwah because logic has demanded. If you are asked why you starved an entire family on one day, and you say because the others have eaten, it is only fair that you stand by these loose talk when probed further. If you later say the reason for the starvation is not a justification, clearly the logic equation becomes difficult to get.

But away from this as this is no stoichiometric equation to break down to see the logical blander committed by the Communicator

Unfortunately me, per se, my handwriting though not so bad cannot be changed at these stages wherein picking up new habits would be difficult. So perhaps Mr PRO, to begin with, I suggest this advice had come a bit earlier. Some of my friends also say they if it is for this reason you would deny young patriots what is due them, please be ready to account for the monies on some red-cladded grounds.

The challenges that confront the ordinary service person are as real as the physical objects we see around us. The daily challenge in transporting him to and from work. The challenge of feeding while at work. The challenge of accommodating oneself. The challenge of paying his electricity, water and other bills. In this journey of service to his nation, he relies upon a woefully insufficient "Allawa", which regrettably is not forthcoming for survival. The very least he expects, are immediate and urgent steps at fixing the challenges of the delay in the payment of his " Allawa"

But no, it is his "poor handwriting" that is causing the delay in the payment of the "Allawa". The very bad handwriting that got him through WASSCE to tertiary.

We registered through a biometric system. You alluded that the delay was fraught with other challenges, yet Mr. PRO among these reasons, you singled our calligraphies (call it as you may) as a headline story. Please don’t tell me you aren’t aware of the agenda-setting theory you learnt whilst undergoing training on how to “write” like a communicator.

Similarly Mr PRO, I write to humbly remind you that should we have issues with your office or anything concerning a future delay, and should you do any PRO as you been trained to do, we shall be selective and subjective of which one is suitable for a public ridicule.

We are humbled to suggest that, you could keep our monies until we resort to calligraphy at our next opportunity

Until then know we don’t think insulting but we feel insulted.

Solomon Ananpansah


A National Service Person

Columnist: Solomon Ananpansah