Something’s giving

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

Initially, it was to be a question as to if, indeed, it is happening. Then my citizen gut intuition told me it is happening. After all, intuition is that third level of knowledge source. Without a right to information act which would be the concrete form of what is, I can bear to be the intuitive citizen, who is neither frivolously tenacious nor authoritatively flippant.

What my intuition tells me is giving is, in a nutshell, a euphoria of enthusiasm for a septuagenarian’s march, leading his compatriots: women, men, children, rich, poor, high mighty, sick, healing and each and every being to the Eldorado of prosperity. It all sounded a flawless march, until some congresspeople, known for their chop chop, began to talk their usual talk, but enough to begin to raise doubts and douse an enthusiasm.

Huhuhu dirty oil and bond palava have come to almost pass. Over and over, I have drawn attention to Sahara yells in the 2008 campaign and yet when congress took over in 2009 they contracted and lived with Sahara throughout that tenure.

And so today if they are crying bond, ignore them because I bet they would do it one hundred times over if they should ever get another chance.

It’s the P&P papers that worry me. I said P and P or Panama and Paradise papers and not triple P (PPP). I don’t want trouble from that troubling group which inadvertently assisted Congress to kill the Nkrumah group by splitting it further after Congress had successfully engineered a kube betrayal. Congress, the mighty deceiver, tricked my people whose person Nkrumahism elected as the first third Republican president.

I liked the ‘change is coming slogan’ coined by one of their (triple p) numbers, though.

Still, to keep me out of trouble, I have not added a prefix of ‘news’ to the paper after P&P; for, that could mean some tabloid of yesterday popularity.

Those who know remember in the twilight years of the culture of silence, few ‘normal’ technology-based news outlets dared print the political. And so the apolitical sizzling tittle tattle paper flourished, especially among our womenfolk as sisters, from the neo-literate schoolgirl to the university professor, enthusiastically patronised it.

What it is that makes people with lots of money still want to have more money as if they are in dire need of money is something I fail to understand. Like me, the preacherman also doesn’t. Thus, the salvo he just fired that stopped short of questioning whether the nyansafo? he sought have really arrived.

The Italiano azure investigator pen person just vented his frustration over the effort of his exposure of waste through waste disposal procurement, which threw so much needed funds into a sinking (stinking?) hole, is not going waste.

Not long ago, many pounced on the plus man for subtracting from the euphoria by exposing some knocking fee activities he had encountered. The whole episode nearly cost a fine cop her coveted rise after suffering so much under a congress ‘show her’ tenure. It smacked of babies with sharp teeth syndrome. I hope and wish it has been cured; otherwise, one of these days we could witness a more devastating confidence eroding shock.

The burden of the ?sonoba in government is the assumption that she or he is NOT a destructive chop chop politician.

I keep referring to a so-called $900 thousand ?sonomma chop chop being effectively exploited by congresspeople to justify their $750 million judgment debt payout chop chop.

I am tempted to say that it is an unfair comparison. But if we are to allow ?sonomma to chop chop small the congresspeople chop chop big, our schools for children with disabilities will forever be closed.

So, ?sonomma, once more, beware. Beware of the temptations of office. Don’t be conned by the Apapa mansions and V8s congresspeople have stolen from the motherland. You don’t need those to be somebody or feel comfortable in this motherland. After all, even pensioners on meagre subsistence are surviving.

You may argue you want to live and not just exist. But remember that belief comes with a price. And when you fall, congresspeople will not treat you with the kid gloves you are treating them with. You heard one among those of them with sharpest of teeth daring you to jail them. My compatriots seem bothered by the perceived inaction to date.

Some k?nk?nsa says you are colluding and making pacts of devilish thieving of the motherland’s money.

Even without scientific evidence, I can say the one reason government changed was because people were tired of suffering in plenty. They saw the greed of government office holders by appropriating state assets, including land, banks, and money to themselves through a vulgar wanton abuse of the public procurement system.

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh