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Sorry, the NDC are behaving like prats


Sat, 16 Nov 2019 Source: Rockson Adofo

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) as currently the largest opposition political party in Ghana, which nearly three years ago handed over the baton of governance of the nation to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), is not being seen in good light by many a discerning Ghanaian, especially, the author of this publication. Simply put, the party and the majority of its membership, especially its leadership and Members of Parliament, are behaving like prats (idiots). Are they like, or they are, prats? It is up to any discerning individual to make their own informed decision after reading and cogitating about all the reasons I am about to give.

Time is of the essence, for that I know. However, any wise and intelligent person would give someone a bit of time, thus, a reasonable amount of time, to do a job assigned to him or her before starting to evaluate the competence or otherwise, of the person so tasked. Nevertheless, in less than no time that the NPP had taken over power, to be precise, in their first few months in power, the NDC descended on them like a predatory hawk diving to grasp its prey with its long sharp talons. They started accusing NPP, especially His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, of all sorts of failures and crimes. By this precipitative attitude of theirs, had they shown any level of intelligence or wisdom?

I know they should not allow the NPP to steal all the money as they, the NDC, did, before starting to criticise, or put, them, on their toes. Nonetheless, are their hastily incessant accusations of the NPP of failures and crimes not informed by the saying, “Like father, like son?” Is the NDC’s own expertise in committing crimes with impunity, chewing all the meat off the bone, and just leaving the bone for the rest of the nation in case we could find any benefit or solace from gnawing on it, not the basis for their seeming insane criticisms of the NPP and the president? Are they in all honesty, although being haunted by the veracity of, and power in, “Once bitten, twice shy”, seeking to avoid the repeat of their mistakes of plundering the nation by any subsequent governing political parties, or they are simply being malicious towards the NPP?

Why have the NDC embarked on a practical agenda of causing insecurity in the country all for the purpose of making the NPP government become unpopular, hated and then rejected by the Ghanaian public? This agenda of theirs is proven by the audio recording that came out in which that would-be murderer Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, the Chairman of the NDC and an Elder in the Pentecost Church of Ghana, was admonishing some NDC communicators and leaders in a secret meeting held in Accra to kidnap, kill and insult people as well as cause arson in the country. He said, or devised, this strategy, all with the intent to making the NPP government unpopular and hated. Is this the right attitude to be adopted by a political party and people seeking to lead a nation?

The love of the NDC Members of Parliament taking to press conferences to misinform the public rather than battling their views on government policies on the floor of parliament goes to tell how mischievous, myopic and self-centred they are. Their motive has always been to pull the chair out from underneath the NPP government and the president in order for the NDC to come back to power sooner. They don’t seek the collective interests of the people of Ghana but themselves and their party. Should this be the attitude of people and a political party seeking to be elected to serve Ghana and Ghanaians? No and no!

For any policy innovation with the ulterior motive of developing and building a country, there may bound to be hiccups. When such challenges, whether foreseen or unforeseen, do crop out, heads must be put together to find solutions. People should not run away from, or merely abandon, such a policy intended for the good of the citizenry because of the associated problems but for which there are always solutions provided we will honestly seek them. Is it not a business philosophy adopted by successful persons, businesses and countries, to always take bold risks in order to succeed? Staying always risk-averse cannot unlock one’s fullest potentials but by taking risks perceived to yield better results when all goes well.

Why then is it that the NDC that have never in the history of Ghana’s politics initiated any social interventions of their own, keep on rubbishing policy initiatives taken by the NPP? Does it make any sense?

During the 2012 electioneering campaign, the NDC masterminded and orchestrated anti-free Senior High School (SHS) educational policy as was a manifesto of the NPP. The radio and television adverts they mounted against the policy were horrendous. They were stupidly arguing that it was not practical, although it could be feasible, to introduce free SHS throughout Ghana. They later went on to say it would be better to get quality education than having an open-to-all free Senior High School education. When they won the election, they started saying they now believe in free SHS. They started building some schools and defending themselves saying, the free SHS policy was not Nana Akufo-Addo’s innovation but it was already enshrined in Ghana’s 1992 Constitution. Bollocks!

Is it not said, “Two heads are better than one?” Why then is it that our political parties cannot for once put their heads together in the interest of the governed, to rally behind a good policy that has the chance of unlocking the potentials in the Ghanaian and by extension, the black man, but always pulling each down as it is constantly being exhibited by the NDC?

Lastly, but not the least or the finality, on this subject, why do NDC as a political party and people of set social ideology bordering on seeking the welfare of the people, but which is only farcical, do expect His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to deliver all his electioneering promises, or the NPP manifestoes within the first two or three years of his assumption of the presidency? Even if the NDC on vacating power had left a pool of money, it would take time for the president to implement all his promises let alone, leaving the nation’s coffers empty and as scorched as the Sahara desert. Do they not see themselves as being simply dishonest, hypocrites, unrealistic, if not a bunch of little-minds without the ability to reason as human beings, or they are simply suffering from the inhibiting syndrome that defines the inherent retrogressive nature and mentality of the black race?

If it was possible to practically achieve or implement all political party’s manifestoes, then Ghana will today not be in need of further development. It would have long been developed under the NDC governments of former Presidents Jeremiah John Rawlings, Professor John Atta Mills and John Dramani Mahama. Or, they did not have any manifestoes or electioneering promises to achieve hence everywhere President Nana Akufo-Addo goes throughout Ghana today, people are clamouring for their roads to be reconstructed and macadamized. People are asking for better conditions of service. People are calling for corruption to be routed out of Ghana. People are asking for so many things which are all basic necessities to enhance their welfare as human beings. What did the NDC actually do throughout all these years? By their failure to achieve a lot for the wellbeing of Ghanaians in all their many years of governing Ghana, are they not stupid, without any “excuse me” said, to expect President Nana Akufo-Addo to achieve all his visionary long term promises in less than three years in office?

Please, no one should accuse me of defending the NPP or the president. I am only telling the truth by stating the facts. If NPP does anything untoward, I will straightaway drag them by a rope to the cleaners without any ifs or buts.

I don’t mean to insult my own race but I am stating the fact in case it could help us change our nonsensical and denigrating attitudes that are causing our downfall.

NDC, make a date with me. You shall be seeing, hearing and reading more from me in the build-up to election 2020. I shall only tell the truth. I shall wield the truth as my weaponised instrument to cut you into pieces through exposure of your lies, the armour that you wear.

I thank God and my parents for bestowing on me wisdom, heart of discernment, love of people and my country, and the willingness to be of service to my people and country hence putting on the armour to champion the cause of defending my nation and people from abuses by those who think they were born to lord themselves over Ghanaians as deplorably and tyrannically as they choose.

I dedicate this publication to the everlasting memory of the late Opanin Kwame Basoah and Awo Serwaah and all rational Ghanaians.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo