Speed-Rolling Ghana's Young To Build A 21 Century Nation

Fri, 2 Sep 2011 Source: Sam, Charles Augustus Nana Banyin

Though Ghana may be 400 years behind some advanced nations, we have a Golden God-Given Opportunity in our "Eagle Youth" to catch up and compete with the rest of the progressive world. Youth because, it is this new constituency that pocesses the requisite 21st century competitive tools and the over-taking speed, as well as scientific, knowledge-based, precision with which an eagle targets and conquers. We should shake ourselves off the traditional litigation and fixation on the past, to pursue "Agenda Future" which is "Agenda Revolutionary Youth Development"...a more hopeful future. We must do what is right for the next generation. The youth need relevant rounded education to bring them up to speed to take over the nation and have our best minds run our nation.

Today's education ought to make the educated highly alert to progressive trends of the 21st century, sharply receptive to new ideas, and pocess lightening speed response capability. It should equip Ghana's educated new generation with specific globally-competitive skills-sets required to produce the goods and services needed by the nation within the framework of her assertained core competency, to lay firm hold of her established markert share in this scientific and technologically-driven, global-spirited world. True education should comprehensively train the educated "How to think", "How to do", "To be an achiever", "To be intellectually curious", "How to live", "To be logical", "To be pragmatic", "To be creative", "To be independent-minded", "To be innovative", "To be strong-minded", "To be a strategist", "To operate with a sense of urgency", "To be an active receiver and implementor of relevant knowledge and ideas". This type of education, crucial to our revolutionary development, should be designed through globally successful teaching and learning methods and infused with stimulation of initiative and the encouragement of local self-help to action.

Young people must be brought up in an atmosphere of intellectualism and responsible freedom. A nation that wants an established market niche in a 21st century world, should strengthen it's future. "Teacher Development Focus" and "Modern Education Content" should be our priority.We must make room for evolving citizens, put in place corrective measures to deal with dysfunctional families, the medivial age educational system, the way we engage young people, the way we bring them up, their marginalisation from opportunities, and avoid the grave danger of our youth being held together by poverty, crime and violence. It is time to see tangible economic improvements in the lives of a critical mass of our youth.

What role are you playing to speed-roll this crucial national agenda of building a 21st century "NEW GHANA"?

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Columnist: Sam, Charles Augustus Nana Banyin