Stacy Amewoyi talks about the 'American Dream' and her experience

Stacy Amewoyi Stacy Amewoyi

Wed, 6 Nov 2019 Source: Stacy Amewoyi

It is everybody dream to come to America, the land of opportunities. The United States of America is a ‘New World’ and it is different from the rest of the countries under this sun. the Federal Government has given out so many opportunities to its citizens, permanent residents, students, and even non-immigrants through asylum.

Before I came to the State, I thought it was only Africans who are willing or hustling to come to the United State. But it is confirmed that every other country citizen is here. Most Africans are coming to America because of Economic hardship, Insecurity, the greediness of leaders, students want better education and the opportunities in America.

Most of the South Americans especially Mexicans and Salvadorans are coming to the United States because of violence, drugs, and cartels taking over their country. I remembered I met a Ghanaian who once told me, “This is all dream, I don’t believe it. Coming from Ghana, where I didn’t even how to drive but now, I own a car and I drive by myself.” This is a great dream for her! Coming to American is not the problem, but the problem is, whom you come to settle with before you can get a job and move to your own apartment.

Across all the 50 States, you can decide and choose any State you want to live at and live your life. The United State is not like Africa, there are more job opportunities in the USA., the law is working here, everything you want to do, you can do it. I called USA the country of equality because this is the only country that makes everybody equal. It easy to sail through but you can fail big time when you don’t have anyone who knew the system to help you out. Like I said earlier many immigrants comes to USA through so many ways but I am particular about those who comes with DV Lottery and marriage.

If you come to USA with DV Lottery and through marriage, the Homeland Security will mail you your Green Card valid for ten years. And within the ten years, you can apply for your citizen if only you want to. Green card holders suffer a lot when they first come to USA. If you are a green card holder, your first two or three months depends on family or friends you came to live with. The system works like this, when the Homeland Security granted your Green Card, you will use your Green Card and apply for your Social Security Number, and you will start for your driving license.

As a new immigrant and the system is very sensitive, you cannot do these processes by yourself, so you need someone who has lived here for some years to guide you. That someone can be your family member, a friend, husband, wife, sibling, and someone from a different race. Such a person must work on his or her schedule so he or she can take you to the offices so you can apply for your SSN and register for your driving license. Some individual doesn’t have that goal or aim to help such a new immigrant. They will not tell you or guide you on how the system works in the USA.

Just dropping off your brother/sister, wife/husband, friend so he can also acquire the necessary documents, and he or she wouldn’t be depending on you always. The life in USA it seems okay but not okay because you get to work hard and pay your bills and other stuff. So when someone is depending on you, it is an additional burden. Why do you have let your brother or sister struggle to get his SSN and other documents? Push the person, show him or her the way. Let him know the system very well. Though he or she can google and find some information by himself or herself, not all information can be found on the internet.

Like I keep telling people, you want to live in the American Dream, there are only two ways; School or joining the Military. Some can argue that “but I can work hard still I can make it here in America.” Yes, the person might be right! but remember, working extra hours or doing two or jobs your salary cannot be compared to someone who even has his or her Associate Degree Not even talking about Bachelors, Masters, PhDs and the rest. Living in America without any school certificate is very hard. You can use your High School Diploma to acquire jobs, but you would be living with paychecks which will not support you enough for your bills. You are classified under Middle-Class low income.

When you bring your friend, family here in America, let him or her know there are so many opportunities for him or her if he or she attends school. If the person cannot go to the four-year Degree school, there are two-year Associate Degree courses he or she can take. Each college and Universities has four- or six-months Certificates courses and they Continue Education too. All these opportunities are available for every citizen or permanent residents. If the person is not willing for any school, let him or she join the Military.

There are so many benefits to the Military. Ghanaians have that kind of attitude, always want to oppress New Immigrants who don’t know the system. If you see how Indians and Mexicans are helping their friends to succeed in America is so Amazing. Helping your friend or family member to all also stand on the higher ground is Blessings. Don’t oppress New Immigrants guide them to survive from the first month they come to live with you.

Columnist: Stacy Amewoyi