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Stop Ackah Before He Destroys The NDC In Obuasi

Tue, 8 Dec 2009 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Part [1]

The NDC is heir to the June 4 and 31st December revolutions of 1979 and 1981, therefore nobody can claim to be a staunch member of the NDC and turn round to condemn the so-called arrest and detentions in those days because the situation at that time demanded it; moreso, it was NOT all Ghanaians that were arrested and detained.

The June 4 uprising was a 4 month house cleaning exercise within the military in 1979 while the 31st December revolution lasted for only 10 years in this country where corruption was brought down from 100% in January 1982 to 1% in 1989 under the PNDC headed by Chairman Rawlings. Therefore, if somebody claims to be a TRUE AND DIE HARD NDC MEMBER, he/she CANNOT and WILL NOT condemn what happened to wrong doers, tax dodgers and nation wreckers during the period of the two revolutions. One such person is John Ackah who stated that the PNDC government was so wicked that it gave the erstwhile C.D.R’s powers to arrest and jail innocent people, and that all cadres who were on secondment to the various Regional and District C.D.R secretariats received double pay throughout the 10 years that our secondment lasted, and so all former cadres of the PNDC era amassed wealth, it is only that they could NOT manage their wealth properly. He describes himself as the constituency organizer of the NDC which was formed by the very cadres he love to hate. He told the NDC youth at the NDC constituency office on Friday 23rd October 2009 in his bid to demonize cadres and I can foresee that he is gradually phasing himself out of the great NDC rather than the cadres, if he continues to attack the party’s foundation the way he does daily in my presence.

Yes, if he attacks the cadre corps in my presence in order to provoke me and will not allow me to re-act as he always does, I will never keep quiet but fight back through the media because when the PNDC wanted patriotic men and women to stick their necks out to be counted as P.D.C’s and W.D.C’s in January 1982, Ackah cowardly hid under his mother’s bed and even fled Obuasi in 1982 only to return in 1987 when the cadres were putting the District Assembly concept in place, therefore Ackah must give cadres a break, because he is NOT even qualified enough to polish the shoes of ANY CADRE in this country at all, let alone pouring insults on these NATIONAL PATRIOTS that were formed under the PNDC. I am fully prepared to match Ackah word for word and boot for boot if his aim is to intimidate and vilify cadres in order to chase them out of the NDC, he will chase himself out of the NDC finally and the cadres would remain in the party because we know where we are going and how to get there.

Presently, Ackah who never voted in Ghana at all in 2008, and never campaigned at all because he left the NDC to its fate in 2007 and left for Italy only to return within 2 weeks after the NDC victory in 2009, is now the self-imposed “General Manager of All public toilets in the Obuasi Municipality and also the sole distributor of jobs since he is now the “chief labour officer and the master of all he surveys and could brag that he can ensure that people who refuse to follow him remain jobless like Spio Garbrah who was denied any appointment in the 2nd NDC government under President Mills.


Dear reader, Obuasi Constituency is a strange and a very controversial or call it a special constituency where one is often dragged to the MCE’s office by Ackah and his group to be compelled to write an apology letter whenever Ackah is reminded of his false steps, false hoods and misdeeds that are sending the party backwards or the serious division he has created in the party since his return from Italy, the Hate campaign he launched on fellow executive members of the party upon his return from overseas. Nobody stops him, Nobody corrects him because he believes Ackah is NDC and NDC is Ackah and yet he ran away during the heat of the campaign to bring the NDC back to power since 2007 and only returned to Ghana after the NDC victory in 2009, so who does he think he is? Of course he is a greedy professional opportunist always ready to blame and destroy others in order to project himself and believes that he is indispensable. Maybe, he has soon forgotten that the NDC won the 2008 elections without him because he was very busy eating Italian salads and potatoes for a whole year in Italy whilst we were fighting to wrest power from the “Mighty NPP government” in 2009. Nobody should drag me to ANY traditional ruler to write ANY APOLOGY LETTER to anybody because if you do that, I won’t write any apology letter to Ackah or any green eyed or hate filled excutive member in the constituency because they are all behind Ackah in his “DESTROY THE CADRES CAMPAIGN” in the Obuasi constituency. The Party elders cannot stop Ackah, the MCE cannot stop Ackah, the party supporters cannot stop Ackah, and he has become an untounchable NDC RAMBO throwing his weight about like a pregnant goat seriously disorganizing the people with careless abandon, therefore if NOBODY can stop Ackah, the cadres who formed the NDC as a party and Ghanaians supported it can easily stop him in his tracks in a ONE TOUCH AFFAIR, because he does NOT know where he is going and how to get there. Ackah will surely end up destroying himself if his main aim is to destroy the cadres in the NDC through vilifications, character assassinations, out right lies, wild rumours etc. Because NO CADRE in his right senses will ever work against the DEFEAT or DESTRUCTION of the NDC, so if a character like Ackah or his chairman are misbehaving and their mistakes are been pointed out to them, it does NOT mean that one is destroying the NDC party at all as Ackah and his group of green eyed self-seekers want party members and Obuasi residents to believe. If you will NOT allow me to speak and defend myself and the cadre corps whom you love to hate, I will always go public to fight back and clear my name. I will not allow Ackah or anybody no matter his social status in wealth, life or academic credentials to destroy my over 30 years hard won reputation in order to project his or her political agenda aimed at demonizing me in the NDC because lies remain lies, no matter the political persuasion of that liar.


The MCE organised about 4 meetings in his residence and all the executives used to attend such meetings and no executive member ever informed me about such important meetings. However, after these series of meetings, Ackah goes round to tell people and party supporters that I am against the MCE and is working for his downfall through my cadre corps of which I am the Municipal organizer, dear reader, does it make sense? Can Ackah substantiate this wild allegation? (2) Cadres attended a meeting at the Prempreh Assembly Hall with Rawlings, and the MCE gave me GH¢30 initially meant for only 4 people, which later turned out to be 10 people, and we used the money and attended the said meeting. On our return, some of the cadres traveled in a free car back to Obuasi while I paid the lorry fares of the remaining cadres back to Obuasi and a balance of GH¢5.00 was given to Comrade Kwame Adu, the deputy constituency organizer, yet Ackah told NDC members at a meeting on 23rd October, 2009 in the party office in my presence that when the MCE gave cadres lorry fare to meet the former president, I collected the money and spent it alone, can he substantiate it? No. so if Ackah talks 10 times, I will talk 10 times, and if he talks 20 times and will not allow me to defend myself in the office, I will talk the same 20 times in public because Ackah is a coward, a liar, a confusionist and a complete novice in politics who can never compare himself to me at all in the political arena. The cadres have a very cordial relationship with the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Alexander Ackon and Ackah’s mission is to knock our heads together at all costs, but he lie bad, he will never succeed in his misconceived agenda to destroy cadres in Obuasi led by me.


Sycophancy is a vice which, in the affairs of ANY nation can only lead to instability, anarchy and confusion which is currently being practiced and encouraged by Ackah in the party at Obuasi, and when you decide to correct this anomaly, he goes out to mis-inform party supporters that you are rather destroying the NDC; I beg to ask. Is Ackah the NDC party or what? Did he forget that the party formed a very strong united front and won power in December, 2008 and January 2009 without him? I mean, who at all does he think he is in the NDC at Obuasi?

Does he think he is so untouchable that he can behave anyhow by using cadres as his chewing sticks or toilet rolls? I can assure him that he will soon be using iron rods as his chewing sticks instead of cadres if his mission is to destroy cadres headed by me in this constituency. By DECREEING that anybody who does not visit the office of the MCE in Obuasi is against him is false. According to him, he will always go to the office of the MCE in the morning, afternoon and evening whilst his master, the constituency chairman goes to the MCE’s office to receive instructions on what to do daily. My God; it simply means that the two of you does NOT know the difference between the party which won the power and formed a government with Professor Mills as President of the Republic of Ghana on the ticket of the NDC, and Hon. Ackon represents the president and government. They do not know anything in politics but they pretend to be all-knowing, they refuse to be taught and expect some of us to also follow them blindly and it will never happen. I have not been going to the MCE ‘s office regularly, BUT this does NOT mean that I hate him or I am against him at all-God forbid. Therefore, wly should Ackah introduce this Alien concept into the NDC in Obuasi and expect people like me to embrace it and follow him? Ackah’s alien concept cannot be found in the NDC party manifesto or its constitution and he must discard it and do the right thing for the party to move forward. ACKAH must know THAT NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT and stop his unwarranted attacks on members of the United Cadres Front including me in the Obuasi Municipality and the party supporters must know that CORRECTING or STOPPING Ackah from peddling lies against innocent people, and his false belief that the NDC is his personal property in Obuasi, does not really mean that we are destroying the NDC as a party because Ackah is NOT the party, because NDC does not start with A, C, or KAH at all. All must help in calling on Ackah to stop the mess he is rather creating all over the place in Obuasi.

The NDC task force, which was formed in November, 2007 performed creditably and courageously during the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2008 as well as the Presidential RUN-OFF in 2009 leading to the NDC victory. Therefore, as a result of their patriotic role played during the general elections in the absence of Ackah, the so-called owner of Obuasi NDC, I personally donated Gh¢110 – one million, one hundred thousand old cedis as lorry fare to the NDC task force to visit Kakum Game Reserve and I went with them. Some few months after the visit, Ackah decreed that any executive member who wants to address the task force members must first write an official letter for their approval before attempting to address them at their meetings. His decree was issued just because of me. As if that was NOT ENOUGH, he instructed members of the task force to beat me up if I ever entered the NDC office where they always meet. I heard it and rushed to the NDC office for them to beat me up and we see, it never happened any way, A coward like him. The man Ackah is a vicious tribal bigot who falsely believes that if one is a northerner, he always gets up every morning and washes his face upwards simply because he hails from UP THERE isn’t it? I will prove him wrong. Oh! yes, you keep your fingers crossed, since he has brought himself, I will deal with him in a manner determined by the undying spirit of June 4 and the 31st December revolutions, and it is definitely Ackah, who will leave the NDC and not this writer if that is his main aim, then he has failed woefully and will continue to fail forever because I am fully prepared to UNMASK HIM and finally make him TRANSPARENT for all NDC party supporters and the general public to see the sort of person he really is.


I have already stated elsewhere that I will NOT allow anybody to destroy my over 30 years reputation that I won through hard work, dedication, justice and honesty – but Ackah on 23rd October, 2009, told party supporters that he saw me breaking an egg and pouring a bottle of schnapps in order to ensure that our present MCE does NOT GET the nod from assembly members who were to endorse him. I will put the NDC party aside-and sue him in a law court for defamation to enable him substantiate his baseless, vicious and wild allegation if he fails to render an apology within 2 weeks after this publication. Like I said earlier, I have to set the party aside and sue Ackah for defamation of character in a law court for him to prove where he saw me breaking that egg including a bottle of schnapps at the entrance of the District Assembly Hall just to ensure that Hon. Ackon is rejected by all the assembly members at Obuasi in March, 2009 at a time when my own daughter was having her engagement and I only visited the packed Assembly hall at 10.am that day. So if Ackah believes that he can destroy me in order to project himself and his pay masters inside the party, he must think twice or blame himself because he will fail with disgrace. He must take it or leave it for I am serving the party’s interest and NOT the interests of green eyed self seekers in the party led by him. Therefore, in all sincerity, Ackah is the No.1 enemy of the MCE whom he loves to hate. He must all watch his dubious and envious destructive steps.

I will be back with Ackah’s dirty tricks. Aluta continua! “Jaanbie Iwaii”



Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement