Stop Creating Human Monsters in Ghana, Else…

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Mon, 10 Nov 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

In every institution that one visits in Ghana, one sees human monsters rearing their ugly heads and claws. This is especially so with our unreformed chieftaincy institution where certain individuals, crooks and irresponsible as they may be, feel they are law unto themselves. They are intransigently mired in the belief that they wield unrestrained power that empowers them to commit crimes with impunity. They are not under any laws; they are not accountable to anyone in the society; they can “make and unmake” it, as it was preposterously threateningly announced by the Asante Overlord, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, to Kwamanghene (the chief of Asante Kwamang) at the Manhyia Palace on Monday 3 November 2014, during the bogus installation of one Dr Yaw Sarfo as Kumawuhene.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II feels Kwamanghene has been a stumbling block in his pursuit to rob Kumawuman of their money and land in such a broad daylight that angers all discerning people, whether or not, they hail from Kumawuman. He accuses him of condoning and conniving with Kumawu Kontrihene to delay, with intent to scupper, the enthronement of the mentioned Dr Yaw Sarfo, a soft touch, whom, he thinks to easily manipulate to do his (Asantehene’s) bidding at the crack of him, Otumfuo’s, fingers. He wants someone who will be at his beckon 24/7 hours and seven days a week to be Kumawuhene, regardless of the person’s ineligibility or otherwise, or the dubious circumstances under which the whole process of the enstoolment is shrouded.

In Ghana, persons like the Asante Overlord in discussion, are aided by certain people who have sold their minds. These persons are without gumption to tell when they are stupidly being manipulated like robots to act against their own people. They help their paymasters to behave despotically as they do. These macho men that abound in Ghana, oftentimes, put their God-endowed strength to very demeaning uses that baffle intelligent citizens of Ghana. They hire out themselves to “society-created” human monsters to intimidate, harass or beat the opponents or enemies of the so-created monsters. It may not surprise me to hear that they get involved in contract killing if that becomes the monster’s only alternative or available option to dealing with their perceived enemies.

On two recent occasions have these macho men been hired by Kumawuhemaa and her accomplices, to rear their ugly faces in Kumawu to assist them execute their publicly condemned and illegal enstoolment of one Dr Yaw Sarfo as Kumawuhene. Look at how some less intelligent Ghanaians bestowed with strength, are putting such energies they possess to. Instead of directing their energies to other vital uses that may be beneficial to society and their personal integrity at large, they simply perform their master’s requests without questioning their sanity.

Rumour mongers are warning me about the fate of the God’s chosen one to be Kumawuhene. That chosen one is a true royal. He is of matrilineal descent to Barima Tweneboah Koduah I, unlike the one collusively enthroned as aforementioned. They are saying, much as the Asante Overlord feels denigrated and ashamed of exposure of graft, by my internet publications, I have unintentionally compromised the safety of the Lord’s appointed one.

Whoever God in his infinite wisdom, has appointed from the true Tweneboah Koduah’s matrilineal descent to rule can never be touched by any criminals wounded by my truthful revelations. Woe betides anyone, who attempts to set contract killers on, or harms, anyone, fighting for justice for Kumawuman.

Much as Asantehene is seen cornered by the exposure of his lies and seeming criminalities, by my writings, I hope he will not dare worsen his plight by engaging in any further acts of crime. He can be a cornered serpent, a black cobra of course, or a wounded lion fighting hard to his last breath, he should beware of the steps he takes. There is coming a day that he SHALL answer for all his crimes to God and to the innocent but poor Ghanaians that he continually offends.

Until he understands his true position in Asanteman in relation to Kumawuman, reverses his falsities and abolishes or curtails his superfluously authoritarianism, the truth that hurts, will always be told.

Is it right to continue to create human monsters by our own actions and inactions? Without the help of those offering their services absurdly to certain individuals, making them feel unrestrictedly empowered to do as they like when they want, there will be no human monsters in Ghana.

I am still on the Kumawuman chieftaincy case until the world learns the truth, and the truth sets Kumawuman free. By this very publication, I seek to advise those helping to create, and prop the positions of, human monsters, to stop. If you create Frankenstein’s monster, it will turn on you to terrorise one day.

Until Ghana aspires to create stronger institutions based on truth, selflessness, dedication to duty, honesty, readiness to be of service to humanity, she shall never prosper. A few monsters will toy with the welfare of the people, similarly as Asantehene is doing to Kumawuman and President Mahama, to Ghana. They think by surrounding themselves with a few crooks, powerful criminals who can silence, kill or maim others at their master’s beckon, they are okay. No, they shall never be!

The truth hurts but it brings comfort in the end.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson